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    PvP Season - Afterthoughts

    December 10, 2012 by Abaddon77

    Success! Got stressed towards the end but everything went as planned.First of all the results:

    Rank:Adamantium 2733th

    Rating: 1707

    Wins: 429

    Losses: 345

    Finished the tournament with the following setup:


    Infiltrator Agent with Power Armor, Signpost, QJ, Soulfinder, Hoar Mace

    Lvl 11 Mod Blaster Dr. Strange

    Lvl 11 Ghost Rider

    The plan was to put the agent on the line, taking the single atacks and replying with the soulfinder, thus applying sins for the GR to exploit.If the initiative was mine, the battle was usually over in a few minutes: Signpost,QJ and then full attack.The combo Bane-Void-Soulfire is a killer. The good doctor has so many tricks in his sleave, healing, shielding, huge damage.The thing is that he is fragile...That's where theā€¦

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