Mockingbird Recruited

Not for me1

Hello, everyone. Let's talk aboot Mockingbird. Yeah, that blonde agent of Shield that was controlled by the White Queen, and relied on another Agent to save her. Then, after saving her from the hands of Madame Mask and the Wrecking Crew, wanted you to get 5 stars on the Missions of her Op. Best Spec Op by far. But many new recruits didn't get the chance to get her, don't have an iPhone, or don't have the time to farm 200-160 CP. So I propose a simple, easy change to this: Re-release SO1.

(gasp) No AJC98, that can't be done! Spec Ops are limited time missions and blah blah blah. I've heard the Spec Ops description before. Yes, I know that this isn't Playdom. But a reboot of SO1 is just what Doctor Strange ordered. I would be fine if it was made to be like the Ops after it, or they simply re-released it as it was last June. I'm open to your thoughts as well. Be free to respond in any way you want. Until then this is AJCLEG98 signing off.

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