The Breakdown

Let's get down to the basics:

I still am missing 8 of M:AA's launch heroes after 3 years of playing.

They are as follows:



Human Torch(33) RECRUITED





Spiderman(90) RECRUITED

Altogether, that adds up to 138 CP. Not too bad, but these heroes need recruiting.

The Game Plan

In order to complete this personal goal, I am not going to recruit any CP heroes until all of these are on my roster(Sorry Star-Lord). I will also be recruiting them in clusters, Wolverine and Nightcrawler(138CP), Daredevil and Spiderman(138CP), HT+Thor(123CP), and finally Thing+Hulk(123CP). 12.2 will be my farming chapter until further notice. I've found that this strategy helps me the most. By saving large amounts of CP, I get 1-3 heroes in one group(ex.Vision, War Machine and Kitty Pryde(281CP)). This is also going to be used after these 8 are recruited, but on a bigger scale(90CP+200CP/135CP).

Exceptions to the Non-Recruiting Rule

PvP Seasons: Can't help it if I win a hero via PvP

Spec Ops: If I have the deploy heroes, Imma use 'em

Lockboxes: LBs I get from PvP, SO, and Daily Missions wil be used. Not converting Gold unless there is a sale.

Limited Edition Alts: No explaination needed

Progress So Far

CP Count:47

Cluster 1 Completed(Thor+Human Torch)

Cluster 2 Completed(Hulk+Thing)

Cluster 3 Completed(Spiderman+Daredevil)

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