In the game we have a lot of new stories about the marvel characters but, why don't have stories about the past? Reviving the origins of those characters...

I've thought about how some of them could be. The price for completing the missions could be the 

Fantastic Four Logo

unlocking of a new hero, one used in one of the missions of the chapter.

The first ones I've thought about are:

Spider-Man Portrait Art
1 - Fantastic Four / The First Family (Including Doom/Namor/Super Skrull/the Frightful Four/the Inhumans/Annihilus and more...) - Hero:Medusa

2 - Spider-Man / With Great Power Comes Great 

Charles Xavier Marvel XP

Responsibility (Including Sinister Six/Chameleon/Lizard/Rhino/Jackal/Green Goblin 

and more...) - Hero:Scarlet Spider?(Not of the first stories but early enough)

Iron Man-Avengers (Version 1)-iOS

3 - X-Men / Children of the Atom (Including Magneto/The Brotherhood of Mutants/Blob/Juggernaut/Sentinels and more...) - Hero:Ice-Man!!! 4 - Iron Man / Golden Avenger (Including Crimson 

Modern Armor Thor Right Portrait Art




Hank Pym-Heroic Age
/Black Widow/Titanium Man and more...) - Hero:...

5 - Thor / The God of Thunder (Including 

Loki/Enchantress/Executioner/Radioactive Man/Tomorrow Man/Wrecking Crew and more...) Hero:Balder or Tyr or Volstagg or Hogun or Fandral

6 - Hulk / The Jade Gant (Including Leader/Abomination/Red Hulk/Zzzax and more...) Hero:She-Hulk?

7 - Ant-Man /  (Including Whirlwind/Egghead/Black Knight and more (I hope)...) Hero:Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

8 - Avengers / Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Including Loki/Masters of Evil/Kang/Swordsman and more...) 
Dr. Strange Right Portrait Art

Hero: Swordsman 9 - Daredevil / The Man Without Fear (Including Owl/Kigpin/Purple Man/Bullseye/The Hand/Lady Bullseye and more...)Hero:...

10 - Dr. Strange / Sorcerer Supreme (Including Nightmare/Dormmamu/Baron Mordo/Mephisto/Morgan le Fay and more...)Hero: Clea?

I will be adding and expanding them in new blog posts I hope you like the idea.

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