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    Season 0: The Origins

    December 11, 2013 by 94BIGODARK

    In the game we have a lot of new stories about the marvel characters but, why don't have stories about the past? Reviving the origins of those characters...

    I've thought about how some of them could be. The price for completing the missions could be the 

    unlocking of a new hero, one used in one of the missions of the chapter.

    The first ones I've thought about are:

    1 - Fantastic Four / The First Family (Including Doom/Namor/Super Skrull/the Frightful Four/the Inhumans/Annihilus and more...) - Hero:Medusa

    2 - Spider-Man / With Great Power Comes Great 

    Responsibility (Including Sinister Six/Chameleon/Lizard/Rhino/Jackal/Green Goblin 

    and more...) - Hero:Scarlet Spider?(Not of the first stories but early enough)

    3 - X-Men / Children of the Atom (Incl…

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