This Article is for Users to have a better understanding of how the Stats Formula work on tables presented in the Article, Uniforms.

Calculating for the Agent Base StatsEdit

Calculating the stats of each Uniform requires the knowledge of the current Base Stats of the players' Agent at their current level.

Calculations done here are applicable to the Base Stats of the players' Agents in any Level.

To get the players' current Base Stats, A non-Iso-8-slotted Generalist's SpecOp Impact Suit is required (or in view in the Store section of the game). This shows that there are no changes to the Base Stats of the Agent wearing the Uniform, so this Uniform can be used to show the players' Agent Base Stats at their current Level. Any decimal number can be rounded off.

Example: The Base Stats of a Level 135 Agent shown when wearing Generalist's SpecOp Impact Suit Uniform

Health 2813
Stamina 2813
Attack 563
Defense 563
Accuracy 563
Evasion 563

Comparing the Base Stats with other UniformsEdit

The stats obtained from calculating for the Agent Base Stat are used to compare with other Uniforms in the game. This is for easier comparing and contrasting between calculated stats.

100% in the Tables represent no changes to the Base Stat, but any percentages above or below 100% will respectively increase or decrease the Base Stats depending on the amount of percentage.

For example, a 94% means that the Base Stats shall be decreased by 6%, while a 102% means that the Base Stats shall be increased by 2%.

Example: A Level 135 Agent with different stats depending on the Uniform worn

SpecOps Impact Suit
Attribute Percentage Stats
Health 100% 2813
Stamina 100% 2813
Attack 100% 563
Defense 100% 563
Accuracy 100% 563
Evasion 100% 563
Commander Trench
Attribute Percentage Stats
Health 103% 2898
Stamina 103% 2898
Attack 103% 580
Defense 103% 580
Accuracy 103% 580
Evasion 103% 580
S.Tech Combat Armor
Attribute Percentage Stats
Health 90% 2532
Stamina 100% 2813
Attack 100% 563
Defense 110% 619
Accuracy 110% 619
Evasion 90% 506

Taking the Health Stat as an example from the tables above (2813, 2898, 2532), stats are obtained by:

(Generalist's SpecOp Impact Suit to Generalist's Commander Trench)
Adding the Base Stat with the given percentage:

Generalist's SpecOp Impact Suit Base Health Stat (2813)
+ Generalist's Commander Trench Base Health Percentage (103% [+3%, resulting to 84.39])

= 2897.39, or (2898).

(Generalist's SpecOp to Tactician's S.Tech Combat Armor)
Subtracting the Base Stat with the given percentage:

Generalist's SpecOp Impact Base Health Stat (2813)
- Tactician's S.Tech Combat Armor Base Health Percentage (90% [-10%, resulting to 281.3])

= 2531.7, or (2532).


  • The bars shown in-game represent Stat percentages, signifying the bonus or penalty the Uniform can give.


No. of Bars Percentage
Bar01 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 80% ~ 89.9% (-20% ~ -11.1%)
Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 90% ~ 99.9% (-10% ~ -1.1%)
Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 Bar02 100% ~ 109.9% (+0% ~ +9.9%)
Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar02 110% ~ 119.9% (+10% ~ +19.9%)
Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 Bar01 120% above (+20% above)


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