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Name Ability Type
Jessica Jones Icon 1
Jessica Jones-Bar Room Brawl Bar Room Brawl Unarmed Melee
Jessica Jones-Leap of Faith Leap of Faith Unarmed Melee
Juggernaut Icon 1
Juggernaut-Sunday Punch Sunday Punch Unarmed Melee
Juggernaut-Mountain Crusher Mountain Crusher Unarmed Melee
Kamala Khan Icon 1
Kamala Khan-Embiggened Chops Embiggened Chops Melee Unarmed
Kamala Khan-Boot To The Head Boot To The Head Melee Unarmed
Kamala Khan-Big Brawl Big Brawl Melee Unarmed
Karnak Icon 1
Karnak-Fracture Flaw Fracture Flaw Melee Unarmed
Karnak-Probe, Leverage, Blow! Probe, Leverage, Blow! Melee Unarmed
Karnak-Shatter Strike Shatter Strike Melee Unarmed
Kitty Pryde Icon 1
Kitty Pryde-Phased Attack Phased Attack Unarmed Melee
Kitty Pryde-Sneak Attack Sneak Attack Unarmed Melee
Kitty Pryde-Shadow Kick Shadow Kick Unarmed Melee
Luke Cage Icon 1
Luke Cage-Brawl Brawl Unarmed Melee
Luke Cage-Face Punch Face Punch Unarmed Melee
Luke Cage Icon 2
Luke Cage-Brawl Fatal Fists Unarmed Melee
Misty Knight Icon 1
Misty Knight-Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous Melee Gun Unarmed Ranged
Misty Knight-Shut Yo&#039; Mouth! Shut Yo' Mouth! Melee Unarmed
Mockingbird Icon 1
Mockingbird-Pole Vault Pole Vault Melee Unarmed
Mockingbird Icon 2
Mockingbird-Dive Dive Melee Unarmed
Molly Hayes Icon 1
Molly Hayes-Drop Kick Drop Kick Melee Unarmed
Molly Hayes-Wind-Up Punch Wind-Up Punch Melee Unarmed
Moon Knight Icon 1
Moon Knight-Fist of Khonshu Fist of Khonshu Unarmed Melee
Moon Knight-Tripwire Tackle Tripwire Tackle Unarmed Melee
Moonstone Icon 1
Moonstone-Forceful Personality Forceful Personality Unarmed Melee
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1
Mr. Fantastic-Stretch Punch Stretch Punch Unarmed Ranged
Mr. Fantastic-Multistrike Multistrike Unarmed Ranged
Ms. Marvel Icon 1
Ms. Marvel-Brawl Brawl Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler Icon 1
Nightcrawler-Ambush Ambush Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler-Night Kick Night Kick Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler-Triple Threat Triple Threat Unarmed Melee
Nightcrawler-Shadow Dance Shadow Dance Unarmed Melee
Nova Icon 1
Nova-Charged Flyby Charged Flyby Melee Unarmed
Nova-Nova Punches Nova Punches Melee Unarmed
Quake Icon 1
Quake-Frack Attack Frack Attack Unarmed Melee Sonic
Quicksilver Icon 1
Quicksilver-Blinding Punches Blinding Punches Melee Unarmed
Quicksilver-Tag Team Tag Team Melee Unarmed
Quicksilver-One Mile Punch One Mile Punch Melee Unarmed
Quicksilver-Vortex Lariat Vortex Lariat Melee Unarmed

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