Icon Ability Type
Absorbing Man Icon
 Absorbing Man
Scalding Strike Fire Melee Unarmed
Punch Melee Unarmed
Dark Widow Icon
 Dark Widow
Break Down Unarmed Melee
Spring Kick Unarmed Melee
Hydro-Man Icon
Rising Tide Water Unarmed Melee
IN-Delta Icon
Blurred Punches Melee Unarmed
Frenzy Melee Unarmed
Militant Icon
First Strike Unarmed Melee
Morlun Icon
Flying Punch Melee Unarmed
Fisticuffs Melee Unarmed
Mysterio Icon
Larger than Life Melee Unarmed
Stunt Man Melee Unarmed
Prime Sentinel Icon
 Prime Sentinel
Pressure Strike Unarmed Melee
Sentinel Strike Unarmed Melee
Unbalancing Strike Unarmed Melee
Proxima Midnight Icon
 Proxima Midnight
Spinning Kick Melee Unarmed
Sandman Icon
Big Fist Unarmed Melee
Venom Icon
Along Came A Venom Unarmed Ranged
Extruded Claws Unarmed Melee
Hematophage Unarmed Melee
Infestation Unarmed Ranged
Vulture Icon
Punch Unarmed Melee

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