Ultron Mode-B Icon Ultron Articles and Topics:
  • Notes and Trivia


  • Ultron is the central focus of Special Operations - Ghost in the Machine and was frequently mentioned in the event.
  • The color in each of the Ultron Mode's eyes and mouth match the color of his class except his Generalist's class.
  • Ultron Prime changes passive, and eyes and mouth color corresponds to his modes.
  • Ultron Prime is the only villain that has KO animation.
  • Ultron Prime prevents being KO'ed once when reduces Health to 0, and will use Disassemble as an action on his next turn.
  • Ultron has two themed weapons, Reboot and Encephalizer.
  • Ultron Modes are the first Group Bosses in the game. It can be found in any Special Operations - Vision of the Future mission, and will respawn 72 hours after it first appears on a Spec Op map.
  • Ultron is the first villain to have its health represented as a percentage.
  • Ultimate Ultron has different behavior of using Disassemble, after any attack when Ultron reduced Health to 0, will automatically use that ability, making it harder to KO normally.

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