• This is an unofficial post, but since the devs plan on making Luke Cage Better, Let me post idea for remodel

    Street Skills (Passive): 

    Cannot be stunned, cornered, winded, or offbalanced

    Brawl: applies Combo Set up

    Luke Cage-Brawl

    Ground Pound: 20% chance to Stun

    Luke Cage-Ground Pound
     Applies offbalanced

    Face Punch: 

    Luke Cage-Face Punch
       Will now do triple the damage when criting, but when not criting, does half the 

    damage it does now


    Luke Cage-Bodyguard

    Quick Action

    Cooldown 4 rounds

    Irremovable Rebellious Augmented Iso 8:

    Body Guard now protects from area attacks and counters all attacks

    Ruthless Augmented Iso 8:

    Enemies countered with in Your Face cause  new debuff, Knocked Out

    Luke Cage Right Portrait Art
    Knocked Out: may cause blinded, stuned, weakened, exposed, dizzy, or in some rare cases, internal bleeding

    Let me know if He deserves this, or if heez OP

    Im also fine with uppin his price to 33 if they add this

    Whaddaya think?

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