• Both seem to be great heroes. i don't specifically need blasters or infiltrators or bruisers. i know Daimon is only out for a few days and Agent Venom still needs another month before he's out, but should i save my CP (i have enough for either but not both) in case i need it in Spec ops 16 for Iceman, new clothes or should i get Daimon hellstrom right away? Is he worth it?

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    • He is worth every cp you spend on him. I just bought him and he is good. I even faced some daimons in pvp so when he is released, i just needed to farm cp and get him without needing any advices or such. 

      And about venom, you can always get him by reaching admantium league but if you intend to buy him later when he gets released, do keep in mind that he wont be available soon to recruit as last pvp hero isnt out till now so it might take couple months or so . 

      In conclusion, but daimon and farm further more cps for next spec op. 

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    • I'm in a similar situation and personally I'm waiting. I have a bad feeling that the next SO will need a 200 CP hero that I don't have so I'm doing my best to farm CP and stay patient. Damon will end up being available for general sale eventually....I hope.

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    • thanks guys. i'm facing a situation where i can't even approach gold league in PVP. I'd just like to know what heroes you guys are using. thanks for the tips. i think i'll buy daimon and then hope for the best, since i have Havok already, and i'm anticipating that they will need him for deploys

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    • My defensive pvp team consists of inflitrator agent, wonderman and captain america .. i'm swapping team to see whose winning outcome is better.

      I'm attacking with a scrapper agent, wolverine with his eiso and sabretooth equipped with agressive eiso 

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    • okay thanks very much

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    • I love daimon hellstrom at lower levels . weither you get hellstrom or not when available depends on weither you will farm for CPs for the heroes needed for deployement in the next spec ops or not . if that is not a priority for you , daimon is an excellent supporting character as long as he has a strong hero to be teamed him up with .

      with my BS account which i am sandbagging as much as i can and currently at LVL89 , i have been using tact war machine with his pepsi suit along with daimon hellstrom in both deffense/offense , and have easily stayed in vibranium with that team for the past 3 seasons . this season , i have done the 35 attacks for vibranium and just with defense , i can stay between the top 1.75 and 1.38% ... all that with only 28 heroes ( most of them level 9 to 12 ) and 3 pages of bonus items ( none paid with gold ... i keep that for the spec ops heroes ) .

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