• Hi razorgirl, wait what a gurl?? Lol jks, I'm also from Australia! Yay. I just wanted to say thanks for all your guides!

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    • I'm sure RG would love to get a positive, supporting comment like this, but I don't think she comes here very often.  You might try her wall at the Game of Thrones: Ascent wiki.  Just be aware that she'll probably try to recruit you to the other game.  ;)

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    • Yes Xobai. It is good to know that some of my work survived getting purged, and that someone finds it useful.

      I don't need to recruit people to play Game of Thrones Ascent, it does just fine. : P

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    • I'm kinda new to the game cause I play on iOS devices so I came here so much later than everyone else. Friggity frig frig I love Game of Thrones but I'm too occupied with studies to go start another game. Why did the guides and stuff get purged for? Outdated cause of updates?

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    • Razorgirl
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