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    22:28, November 12, 2013

    Now I can only use the abilities of defensive weapons in Vigilante Toolkit, if I use them, but only an ability for use. This gun was holding me well, against the head group. Now, I have no defense armored.

    Keep it clean.

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    • Yeah, they nerfed the crap out of it. Too bad, it was my favorite weapon.

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    • I feel your frustration, too. Just... watch the language. "Frak" or "funk" or "f@ck" all work just as well. ;)

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    • I loved this weapon. It made me feel like my agent could actually help in a fight. Thanks playdom, you effectively killed every one of my PVP strategies. This was the first freakin time I got a piece of worthwhile equipment because of my downright abysmal luck with draws and I cant ever get enough iso for Spec ops. 

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    • VTK was too much in its previous form. It was absolutely must-have, and the game is balanced better with its new fuctionality.  That said, I'll never use it again, but my Blade of the Guardian is happy to get back in the rotation.

      EDIT: Please move further discussion of the 11/12 patch to this thread.

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