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    Any folks who are also PQ fans been playing this one, since it seems to be inspired by the MAA verse? It has ISO-8/the Pulse and the same style of self-aware deliberately cheesy writing, at least.

    I miss the loss of a 4-match giving you a turn, but otherwise I like the gameplay changes. And having health be the time limiter instead of energy is interesting.

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    • Came back just to talk about this.

      I enjoyed the heck out of it this weekend, and it's basically free to play b/c the health countdowns are based on your device's system time.  Need more energy?  Go into your device's settings and advance the date by a day (or the clock only by the # of hours you require if you're particularly OCD)

      My only gripe is that you have to be online to play it...reh?  That's lame.

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    • That's a nifty trick I hadn't thought of. Though I haven't had too many issues balancing HP loss, especially after I lucked out and snagged Ragnarok who is a damage sponge.

      It's more the Hero Points and comic covers/slots that are a bit of a pain for me.

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    • Hoping that a site like this pops up for it soon...would be great to peruse the list of available covers & subsequent powers so one can spend their Hero Points well.

      I got kinda skunked on my recent HP spends...Bullseye and Spiderman Bagman.  (weak)

      Was hoping for Spiderman (Classic)...AoE healing? Yus.

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    • Yeah, I'm surprised there isn't one already. Admittedly Ragnarok isn't that useful aside from his HP and basic attack... his one power feels a little useless.

      It'd be nice to stare at all the pretty art, too.

      As an aside, am I the only one who keeps having trouble with crashes? The game will run OK for a while, then crash crash crash, then it'll go back to OK again.

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    • Not crashing on mine.

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    • So as I’m playing last night I came to the realization that Hero Points (HP) are finite.  Regardless of how much you play, once you collect the HP from any given level, that’s it sport’s fans- it’s time to bust out the wallet if you want more.

      For this reason, I decided to scrap my current account and start over...and over...and over again until I manage to pull the only 4-star cover from the 150HP pile.  (Wolverine...X-Force, I think?)

      Here’s the fastest way to do it  (15-20min cycle time).

      This works on Android.  I’m not sure if one is able to “Clear Data” from an App in iOS without completely uninstalling/reinstalling it.
      Until you’re happy with your covers, avoid linking your App with your Facebook account.
      Until you’re happy with your covers, don’t register a name for PvP. (Each time you reset the App it will lock out the previously registered name for use)

      Okay, here we go.

      In the H.A.M.M.E.R. map, complete the following levels in this order:
      1st & 2nd tutorial battles. (mandatory)
      1st & 2nd & 3rd& 4thNon-Dr Doom path (NDD) battles. (the path to the right of the tutorial battles)

      After completing the 4th NDD battle for the first time, you will be awarded 50 HP and forced to enter the “Recruit Heroes” menu and recruit Hawkeye.  (They updated the app so you’re no longer allowed to circumvent this requirement)

      Replay the 4th NDD battle until you receive the other 50HP reward, then buy one of the 150HP covers.

      If you LIKE the cover you got.  Rejoice!  Register a PvP name, link to Facebook, and enjoy the rest of your game.

      If you DON’T LIKE the cover that you got, minimize and kill the app.  Then Clear the App’s Data.

      Rinse / Repeat until you’re happy with your covers.


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    • I admit I'm just going to stick to using my Hero Points to buy comic slots from now on, as so far it seems pretty easy to win new heroes from the PvP tournaments. Well, when my game isn't crashing every other battle at least, sigh.

      That and I already saved a game on my FB account so, meh, I just have to roll with it. Good advice for newbies, though. :D

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    • Updated the guide above because they recently updated the app.  You're no longer able to get around spending your first 50HP reward on either Black Widow or Hawkeye.

      Also, after cycling through probably close to 50 times, it's become clear that the randomness of the draw is obviously weighted.  E.g.  I pull mostly 2-star Bullseyes / Bag Men / Dakens / Thors, followed by the 2-star Magneto (~3 times), followed by the 3-star Spiderman (~twice- the blue cover, of course, which sucks), followed by Ragnarok (once). 

      No other 3-star covers have been pulled.  I hereby call shenanigans, and refuse to ever spend a dime on this game until the specifics of their "randomness" is defined.   Namely:
      - % chance to get 2, 3, 4 star covers.
      - Whether or not said % chance is augmented by anything (e.g., in-game play time / whether or not money has been spent)

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    • I found the forums, which thankfully use a BB Code system and not a wiki system.

      Also, here's an updated method for farming your 1st cover.  Cycle time ~5mins:

      In the H.A.M.M.E.R. map, complete the 1st tutorial battle.

      Advance your system clock to the next day 3 times, you should receive the following daily reward messages:
      - Heroes are Fully Healed
      - Free Iron Man cover.
      - 100 HP from Nick Fury
      (FYI- 500 Iso is the next reward)

      Note: if the rewards' collection prompt windows aren't popping up, open the Recruit Heroes menu, then exit out to the map.

      Use the free 100HP to buy a 150HP cover.  Like?  Keep Playing.  Hate?  Reset.

      I've personally reset the game close to 100 times now trying to get that stupid 4-star Wolverine cover.  Uggggggh...

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    • Got the 4-star Wolverine-  awwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. 2500HP to level up w/o a cover- awwwwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-


      Oh also- there's a wikia now.

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    • That is kind of a lame Wikia. X3

      The new daily rewards are nice. Not sure how I feel about the level restructuring. Still running into issues where its easier to recruit heroes than it is to unlock slots... it'd be like if this game handed you new heroes every time you turned around but it took 100 CP to unlock each slot to have all of them and you could only get CP like every five missions or so.

      Also, I finally figured out how to take screenies on my tablet, so I thought I'd link some pics in case anybody lurking wants to see what the game looks like.

      This is a seriously pretty game.

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    • do you get the daily reward?

      i got it once but not anymore though...

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    • It's been kind of sporadic. It seems to skip a couple days then show up again.

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    • You no longer need a phone to play, as it's been available on Steam since last month.

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    • Daredevil Icon Large 1 Confirmed, Nick. The Hood is alive again.
      He...something just resurrected him.
      Bringing back old conversations clutters the Forums.
      Please, let sleeping Threads lie.

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