• Hero: Silver Surfer

    Lockbox Hero: Dr. Doom (he is from Future Fundation in new historys, he have betrayal they, but...)

    Group Boss: Skrull, if Skrull are Infiltrator, have the power of Invisible Woman; if the Skrull are Blaster have the power of Human Torch; Bruiser, The Thing; Tactician, Mr. Fantastic, and if are Scrapper, Are he itself, With his powers.

    Missions with the center of atention to Fantastic Four!

    And Galactus as a boss!

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    • We will get a Spec Ops about infinity (probably Spec Ops 14) and we can get another Spec Ops about Thor. So I don't see this happening in near future.

      And Galactus as a boss isn't a good idea.

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