• 1. New Spec Op hero?

    2. New lockbox hero?

    3. New Weapons?

    4. New Costumes?

    5. New Villains?

    6. Deploy Heroes?

    7. New Iso Colour?

    8. New Epic Boss?

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    • 1. Silver Surfer

      2. Venom

      3. Cosmic set

      4. Cosmic suits, Cosmic spiderman etc

      5. Silver surfer, thanos, galactus

      6. moon knight, fantomex, spiderman

      7. cosmic white

      8. venom

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    • 1.Iceman


      3.,,Chillin' out set

      4.X-men first class suits (Beast as man,Iceman totally white just some golden things on legs...)

      5. 1.Laufey  2. 1.wave Iceman (under Mesmaro's control) 2.Wave Mesmaro        3.Pyro

      6.Fantomex,Squirrel girl,Wolverine

      7.turquoise blue


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    • 1.Nova

      2.White tiger

      3.Nova corps set

      4.Cosmic suits (Cosmic Hulk,Spiderman...)

      5.1.Stardust and Firelord   2.Terrax and Airwalker   3.Thanos

      6.Dr Voodoo,Angel,Thor

      7.Nova Blue

      8.Molecule man

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      • 1. Captain Mar-vell
      • 2. Kang
      • 3. Cosmic set
      • 4. None
      • 5. 1. Kree sentray and Ronah the accuser 2. Super skrull 3. Controller and Thanos
      • 6. Red hulk, Ms. Marvel, Captain Britian
      • 7. Dart star blue
      • 8. Ultron
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    • Alright, i'm game for a little more speculation and so here... we... GO!

      Question 1:  Who do you think will be the next Special Operations Recruit?

      Well now that's a loaded question, isn't it?  It could be anyone from a plethora of heroes, but as I know we'll be headed to sunny old London town (Thank god we're coming to my country) I am going to vote for  Albion.   I know he's a longshot but I have to keep on hoping.

      Question 2:  Do you think Special Operations 11 will offer a new Lockbox Hero?

      You know, I wouldn't mind it if it did but it's becoming a recurring theme - these Lockboxes and I can see why, they generate a fair amount of revenue for the game but it also disheartens a lot of people and so it's a bit of a double-edged sword.  I suppose if they were going to offer up some kind of a Lockbox Character for a British Spec Ops it would have to be someone British, and with that in mind i'll put forth Baron Blood.  I realise he hasn't appeared in-game yet but Season 2 promises to offer many more bosses.

      Question 3: Will there be any new weapon sets in this Special Operations?

      God Save the Queen Set. 

      A potion offering Union Jack's  'Allied Assault'. 

      A Sword offering counter-attack, + an upgrade adding Bleed x2,

      A Musket offering both Burning and Bleeding

      A Gadget offering Inspired Leadership

      Question 4: Oh Mr. Blackjack, will you please tell us about any new attires?

      No, I don't think any new attires will realistically be required for this Special Operations.

      Question 5: There will be new villains won't there?

      Why of course there will be!  If Albion's Special Operations were to go ahead there should be an entirely new sect added to the game - The Bane!

      Question 6: Who will you deploy?

      Pshaw, you don't need me to answer that do you?   Oh, very well...   ROLE CALL!

      Captain Britain, Psylocke, Union Jack, Black Knight

      Question 7: Will there be any mystery team-ups?

      Of course, dear child!  If the last Special Operations has taught me anything it's that people will have FUN utilising the new heroes that they haven't yet acquired and with that in mind i'm going to list  Emma Frost and Baron Blood

      Question 8: Will there be a brand new Iso Colour?

      Well of course!  What would Special Operations be without a new Iso Colour?   I think for a good old fashioned jolly good time we should have Dark Navy Blue.    In a Red Container.

      Question 9: There's always been an Epic Boss to defeat for the final task, hasn't there.. who will be the Epic Boss this time around?

      You know, at first I wanted to list 'The Black Queen' but I think a far nicer twist would be for you to face Emma Frost. The White Queen.

      Question 10: What about a Group Boss?

      Well now, I answered that above.  I'd have 'Selene' as my sexy little Black Queen.  

      Now that i've given my little outline for a possible Special Operations, boys and girls... why don't you run along now and play?

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      1. New Spec Op hero? Daimon Hellstrom
      2. New lockbox hero? Satana
      3. New Weapons? Yes.
      4. New Costumes? No.
      5. New Villains? Sure.
      6. Deploy Heroes? Whatever PVP hero they are up to, a new 90 they haven't released yet, and a low selling old hero. 315 total CP or less.
      7. New Iso Colour? Really? People actually care about this? I am consistently amazed.
      8. New Epic Boss?Mephisto
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    • I'm good with PKB's answers. Sad that as short as Spec Op 10 is timewise, we are still already at the point of speculating SO11. This must be where everyone that has already 5 starred it all trolls while waiting SO11...

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    • Technically I haven't 'finished' yet. I'm still missing Frank.  

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    • Well most of those are good but what is up with you pot u just bring speculation to a not fun place.

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    • I'm having a deja-vu. I recall an AWC doing this for SO 10 :) too. Hopefully Satana as an infiltrator and Daimon as a blaster. Those are currently the two classes (with the exception of the generalist class) with the least heroes right?

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    • 1. Deathlok

      2. None

      3. Tools of the Trade set - Stealth/ bleed themed

      4. X-Force costumes for Pyslocke, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Angel (Archangel) later on

      5. The Final Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Archangel

      6. Fantomex, Moon Knight and Nightcrawler

      7. Gray

      8. Sabertooth

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    • I feel like we will find out soon since there is a new research that is locked already for a "Trial Dissapator" and a "Prototype Dissapator" as a pre req. Makes me think next Spec Ops already.

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    • hellstorm




      blackheart - mephisto - taskmaster - mordo

      Fantomex - dr strange - new 90 Cp hero



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    • Are you for real, AWC?  You quote the exact Spec Ops that's been going on since last night as if it's your own?   Oy Vey... Very classless.

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    • A FANDOM user
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