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  • So I'm waiting for 5 more UISO to fight Loki, then I need 1/2 a star on 8.3 to have 4/5 stars on all three Spec. Ops. missions for the last Lockbock quest. It shouldn't take me more than a day or two at most to finish.

    After, there will be 7 or 8 days in which I don't /need/ to use any UISO. Is it worth still collecting 50 each day to get ready for the next Spec. Ops., or do you get a set amount at the start of each new Spec. Ops. mission?

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    • You will get a set amount of UISO-8 at the start of the next Spec Ops. So any you have left at the end of this one won't rollover.

      At least, that's how it's been with every one so far.

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    • That's what I suspected, because I finished Hank's Spec Ops. with 600 left over and started the new one with less...


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