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Time to prepare for season 6

  • Well this season turned out better then lastfor me and I hope it was the same for everyone else. But now that its over its time to start getting ready for the next. Hope to have all my blasters to lvl 12 and then alternate between bruisers and scappers. Plan to start testing new team builds such as Punisher + Mockingbird. Whats your post PVP Goal?

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    • all heroes level 10... the heroes that i use on pvp level 11

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    • I think you meant season 5   :p

      I really need to level up and buff up my PVP stats, get enough CP for Psylocke,  get the spec ops heroes, farm the heck out of the Epic bosses to try and get some LE gear from the lockboxes and maybe, just MAYBE sit down and play that damn Mobile game for Mockingbird...

      As for the team/setup that's yet to been seen, so far I haven't seen anything that will cause a major shift in the Meta and I'm kinda happy with WCP/Tact Widow, I'll have to see if it's worth switching one of em out for Punisher or Psylocke.

      Right now I just need a break, stayed up till 4am last night to get to ADA, play some Showdown Effect or something XD

      • LOL GF just added  "Take a vacation with the Misses" 

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    • My post PVP goal?  To convince myself that I still want to participate in PVP after getting bumped out of Adamantium seconds before the maintenance ended the season.

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    • I swore I'd never resume PvP after Season 2.  I played two days of Season 3 just to get Gold League and then retooled my thinking. (Plus, I wasn't crazy over Psylocke or the rewards).  I really wanted to take a crack at Punisher, so I reworked everything and came up with a solid team for Season 4.  I managed Vibranium League for the first time but truly realized just how hard Adamantium League is.  I'm already thinking of how to retool my strategy yet again and make things more solid for Season 5...provided the rewards are worthwhile.

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    • is x-23 for pvp next season? because she is currently locked. when will the next season start? i kinda not ready yet...

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    • I would say team up quicksilver alt with punisher.  I've noticed that most people around 0.1% at the end of last PVP was running with quicksilver.  I'm going to give it a go too!

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    • I ended the seas at lvl 135 with quick in my team. he put the hurting on any team that ran phy which was quite allot.

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    • A Fandom user
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