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  • Thane was the character whose mysterious silhouette was revealed by Justin Woods at the SDCC 2013.
  • Thane was released on September 20, 2013 as a lockbox hero during Special Operation 13.
  • Thane is the one of a lockbox heroes to be released without previously being a villain within the game's storyline.
    • With that, Thane also is the first lockbox hero that doesn't have the team-up bonus "Red in the Ledger".
    • The others are Howard the Duck and Hyperion.
  • Thane is the only character so far introduced in the game prior to his Mainstream Marvel Universe comic debut.
  • Thane has the second-fewest Team-Up Bonuses in the game, to Doctor Doom or Kang.


  • Thane is Thanos' son.
  • Thane was said to be "a mysterious being" during Thanos' invasion on Earth.

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