Icon Name Type
Baltag's Blaster Baltag's Blaster Ranged Gun Energy Tech Temporal
Displacer Displacer Ranged Gun Energy Tech Temporal
Manvantara Manvantara Melee Energy Temporal
Temporal Blaster Temporal Blaster Melee Energy Temporal
Temporal Shielding Temporal Shielding Buff Tech Temporal

Heroes Edit

Name Ability Type
Quicksilver Icon 2
Blast From the Past Temporal
Temporal Jump Temporal
Kang Icon 1
Kang-Tachyon Blast Tachyon Blast Ranged Temporal Energy Tech
Kang-Temporal Armory Temporal Armory Melee Temporal Tech
Kang-Timestream Burst Timestream Burst Temporal Energy Tech


Icon Ability Type
Kang Icon
Tachyon Blast Temporal Tech Ranged Gun
Temporal Armory Slashing Melee Temporal Tech
Temporal Armory Temporal Tech


Related Effects

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