Name Ability Type
Bishop Icon 1

(Run and Gun Mode)

Bishop-Headhunter Headhunter Energy Ranged Gun Tech
Bishop-Cyberkinetic Crash Cyberkinetic Crash Melee Unarmed Tech
Bishop-Dead or Alive Dead or Alive Ranged Gun Tech
Boomerang Icon 1
Boomerang-Tracker-Rang Tracker-Rang Ranged Debuff Tech
Cable Icon 1

(T-O Control Mode)

Cable-Plasma Rifle Plasma Rifle Energy Ranged Gun Tech
Cable-Bodyslide Bodyslide Energy Ranged Gun Tech
Cable-Temporal Shift Temporal Shift Buff Tech
Cable Icon 1

(T-O Overdrive Mode)

Cable-Techno-Organic Rampage Techno-Organic Rampage Melee Tech
Cammi Icon 1
Cammi-Distraction Distraction Debuff Buff Tech
Cammi-Gather Intel Gather Intel Buff Tech
Cammi-Defensive Matrix Defensive Matrix Buff Tech
Chase Stein Icon 1
Chase Stein-Fistigons Firestarter Fistigons: Firestarter Ranged Tech Fire
Chase Stein-Fistigons Shock of the Lightning Fistigons: Shock of the Lightning Ranged Tech Electric
Chase Stein-Fistigons Boom Boom Pow Fistigons: Boom Boom Pow Ranged Tech Explosion
Chase Stein-X-Ray Goggles X-Ray Goggles Debuff Tech
Deathlok-BioTek Laser Mount BioTek Laser Mount Ranged Energy Tech
Doctor Doom Icon 1
Doctor Doom-Arc Lightning Arc Lightning Electric Energy Tech Ranged
Doctor Doom-Trifurcator Trifurcator Tech Ranged Debuff
Doctor Doom-Summon Servo Minion Summon Servo Minion Summon Tech Ranged
Doctor Doom-Summon Servo Basher Summon Servo Basher Summon Tech Melee
Doctor Doom-Summon Servo Driller Summon Servo Driller Summon Tech Ground
Doctor Doom-Doom Cannon Doom Cannon Tech Ranged
Fantomex Icon 1
Fantomex-Allons-y Allons-y Ranged Gun Tech
Fantomex-OVNI-E.V.A. OVNI-E.V.A. Ranged Tech Summon
Fixer Icon 1
BlasterFixer-Automated Fire Automated Fire Ranged Gun Tech
BlasterFixer-Blast Mine Blast Mine Tech Debuff
BlasterFixer-Defensive Measures (Blaster) Defensive Measures Tech Buff
TacticianFixer-Gatling Gun Gatling Gun Ranged Gun Tech
TacticianFixer-Chemical Mine Chemical Mine Tech Debuff
TacticianFixer-Defensive Measures (Tactician) Defensive Measures Tech Buff
Infiltrator|Fixer-Sonic Cannon Sonic Cannon Ranged Sonic Tech
Infiltrator|Fixer-Irradiated Frag Mine Irradiated Frag Mine Tech Debuff
InfiltratorFixer-Defensive Measures (Infiltrator) Defensive Measures Tech Buff
Howard the Duck Icon 1
Howard the Duck-Coulson's BFG Coulson's BFG Ranged Energy Fire Tech
Howard the Duck-Neurotripe Neurotripe Buff Tech
Iron Man Icon 1
Iron Man-Repulsor Ray Repulsor Ray Ranged Energy Tech
Iron Man-Unibeam Unibeam Ranged Energy Tech
Iron Man Icon 4
Iron Man-Repulsor Cannons Repulsor Cannons Ranged Energy Tech
Iron Man-High Energy Laser High Energy Laser Ranged Energy Tech
Iron Man Icon 5
Iron Man-Iron Pummel Iron Pummel Melee Unarmed Tech
Iron Man-Repulsor Blast Repulsor Blast Ranged Energy Tech
Iron Man-Iron Smash Iron Smash Melee Tech
Kang Icon 1

(Future Knowledge)

Kang-Tachyon Blast Tachyon Blast Ranged Temporal Energy Tech
Kang-Temporal Armory Temporal Armory Melee Temporal Tech
Kang-Maha-Kalpa Maha-Kalpa Melee Slashing Tech
Kang Icon 1

(Out of Time)

Kang-Quantum Purge Quantum Purge Ranged Energy Tech
Kang-Chrono Shield Chrono Shield Buff Tech
Kang-Timestream Burst Timestream Burst Energy Temporal Tech
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1
Mr. Fantastic-Bifurcator Bifurcator Debuff Tech
Misty Knight Icon 1
Misty Knight-Hit the Streets Hit the Streets Explosion Ranged Tech
Misty Knight-Take It Slow Take It Slow Tech Buff
Misty Knight-Killer Driller Killer Driller Tech Debuff

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