Icon Name Type
Adhesive X Launcher Adhesive X Launcher Ranged Gun Tech
Aegis Defender Aegis Defender Buff Tech
Amplified Rifle Amplified Rifle Gun Ranged Sonic Vibranium Tech
Amplified Subsonic Sound Gun Amplified Subsonic Sound Gun Ranged Energy Sonic Tech
P.E.W. "Anchor" Annihilator Gun Ranged Tech
A Pound of Cure A Pound of Cure Ranged Bio Tech
Arc Reactor Charge Arc Reactor Charge Buff Tech
Baltag's Blaster Baltag's Blaster Ranged Gun Energy Tech
Banefire Banefire Gun Ranged Bio Fire Tech
Batazer Batazer Melee Electric Tech
Battery Powered Hand Cannon Battery Powered Hand Cannon Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Beyond Corp Driver Beyond Corp Driver Gun Ranged Tech
Bifurcator Bifurcator Debuff Tech
Blaster Augmenter Blaster Augmenter Tech Buff
Blaster Enhancer Blaster Enhancer Tech Buff
Bleak Harvest Bleak Harvest Melee Slashing Tech
Blink Boots Blink Boots Buff Tech
Booster-Sledge Prototype Booster-Sledge Prototype Melee Tech
Breaching Pistol Breaching Kit: Pistol Ranged Gun Tech
Breaching Pistol Breaching Pistol Ranged Gun Tech
Bruiser Augmenter Bruiser Augmenter Tech Buff
Bruiser Enhancer Bruiser Enhancer Tech Buff
Capacitive Blaster Capacitive Blaster Gun Ranged Tech Energy
Capacitive Impeder Capacitive Impeder Gun Ranged Electric Energy Tech
Charged Future Blaster Charged Future Blaster Energy Ranged Tech
Chronolift Chronolift Buff Tech
Chrono Overdrive Chrono Overdrive Buff Tech
Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker Unarmed Melee Energy Electric Tech
Combat Analyzer Combat Analyzer Buff Tech
Cognitive Foreboding Device Cognitive Foreboding Device Tech
Combat Communicator Combat Communicator Buff Tech
Construct Matrix Construct Matrix Buff Heal Tech
Cosmic Cardinal Cosmic Cardinal Ranged Energy Tech
Cosmic Ray Bomb Cosmic Ray Bomb Energy Tech
Coulson's Revenge Coulson's Revenge Fire Energy Ranged Tech
Coulson Special Coulson Special Fire Energy Ranged Tech
Cuff Guard Cuff Guard Tech Buff
Cuff Interface Cuff Interface Tech Buff
Cuff L.I.N.C. Cuff L.I.N.C. Tech Buff
Curative Reach Curative Reach Buff Heal Tech
Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator" Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator" Energy Ranged Tech
Custom P.E.W. "Dingo" Custom P.E.W. "Dingo" Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Custom P.E.W. "Eradicator" Custom P.E.W. "Eradicator" Energy Ranged Tech
Custom P.E.W. "Zealous" Custom P.E.W. "Zealous" Energy Ranged Tech
Cybernetic Blaster Cybernetic Blaster Ranged Tech Energy
Damage Amplifier Damage Amplifier Debuff Tech
Damocles Target Painter Damocles Target Painter Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Stoic" Deep-Field Cannon Gun Ranged Tech
Dense Electro-Tech Hammer Dense Electro-Tech Hammer Melee Tech
Density Phase Array Density Phase Array Buff Tech
Devolver Devolver Ranged Gun Tech
Digital Decoy Digital Decoy Buff Tech
Digital Spotter Digital Spotter Debuff Tech
Displacer Displacer Ranged Gun Energy Tech
Disruption Field Array Disruption Field Array Debuff Tech Energy
Distant Foreboding Device Distant Foreboding Device Tech
E-Regulator E-Regulator Buff Tech Energy
Early Warning Detector Early Warning Detector Buff Tech
Echo Tech Blaster Echo Tech Blaster Sonic Ranged Tech
Electro-Tech Hammer Electro-Tech Hammer Melee Tech
EMP Blaster EMP Blaster Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Encephalizer Encephalizer Gun Ranged Tech
Fantastic Fix Fantastic Fix Buff Heal Tech
Fantastic Formula Fantastic Formula Buff Heal Tech
Faulteater Faulteater Ranged Gun Tech
Faultseeker Faultseeker Ranged Energy Gun Tech
Ferric Blade Ferric Blade Melee Slashing Tech
Ferric Shield Ferric Shield Melee Tech
Focal Plasma Cannon Focal Plasma Cannon Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Force Field Generator Force Field Generator Buff Tech
Future Blaster Future Blaster Energy Ranged Tech

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