Icon Name Type
Nanite Inductive Nailgun Nanite Inductive Nailgun Gun Ranged Tech
Fantastic Fix Nano-Nurse Buff Heal Tech
Neuropurge Neuropurge Debuff Tech Psychic
Neurotrope Neurotrope Buff Tech
Numbing Needle Numbing Needle Tech Debuff Ranged
Offensive Accelerator Offensive Accelerator Buff Tech
Oracle Oracle Ranged Energy Gun Tech
Overloader Overloader Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Overwatch Overwatch Buff Tech
P.E.W. "Anchor" P.E.W. "Anchor" Gun Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Attenuator" P.E.W. "Attenuator" Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Dingo" P.E.W. "Dingo" Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Dragon" P.E.W. "Dragon" Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Eradicator" P.E.W. "Eradicator" Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Quell" P.E.W. "Quell" Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Quell II" P.E.W. "Quell II" Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Anchor" P.E.W. "Raze"

Ranged Energy Tech

P.E.W. "Raze II" P.E.W. "Raze II" Ranged Energy Tech
P.E.W. "Stoic" P.E.W. "Stoic" Energy Ranged Tech
P.E.W. "Zealous" P.E.W. "Zealous" Energy Ranged Tech
Paladin Array Paladin Array Buff Tech
Personal Combat Amplifier Personal Combat Amplifier Buff Tech
Phoenix Flare Phoenix Flare Ranged Gun Energy Tech
Plasma Beam Handgun Plasma Beam Handgun Ranged Gun Energy Tech
Plasma Sword Plasma Sword Energy Melee Tech
Pneumatic Sledge Pneumatic Sledge Melee Tech Sonic
Power of Four Power of Four Buff Tech
Prototype Emitter Prototype Emitter Energy Tech Buff
Precision Focus Aperture Precision Focus Aperture Buff Tech
Proximate Foreboding Device Proximate Foreboding Device Tech
Early Warning Detector Psyche Blaster Ranged Psychic Tech
Pulse Blade Pulse Blade Melee Slashing Tech
Quantum Capacitor Quantum Capacitor Buff Tech
Quantum Jumper Quantum Jumper Buff Tech
Radian Cannon Radian Cannon Ranged Energy Gun Tech
Radian Pistol Radian Pistol Ranged Energy Gun Tech
Radian Rifle Radian Rifle Ranged Energy Gun Tech
Radiation Emitter Radiation Emitter Ranged Tech Energy
Ram's Horn Ram's Horn Ranged Gun Tech
Rayshield Generator Rayshield Generator Buff Energy Tech
Rectifier Rectifier Buff Debuff Tech
Remote Jet Injector Remote Jet Injector Buff Heal Tech
Repulsor Fist Repulsor Fist Unarmed Ranged Tech
Ruby Quartz Rifle Ruby Quartz Rifle Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Satellite Support Satellite Support Buff Tech
Scrapper Augmenter Scrapper Augmenter Tech Buff
Scrapper Enhancer Scrapper Enhancer Tech Buff
Second Amendment Second Amendment Ranged Tech
Serpentine Serpentine Ranged Tech
Servoguard Programming Interface Servoguard Programming Interface Tech
Skeptic Skeptic Ranged Energy Tech
Solar Storm Solar Storm Buff Tech Energy
Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Ranged Gun Tech
Sonic Fist Sonic Fist Melee Sonic Tech
Sonic Knife Sonic Knife Melee Sonic Tech
Sonic Sword Sonic Sword Melee Sonic Tech
Souldrainer Souldrainer Ranged Gun Tech
Sparkplugger Sparkplugger Ranged Electric Energy Tech
Specimen Scanners Specimen Scanners Ranged Energy Tech
Spider-Sense Injector Spider-Sense Injector Buff Tech
Stalker Stalker Ranged Tech Gun
Stark Industries Catalyst Stark Industries Catalyst Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Stark Resilient Stark Resilient Gun Ranged Tech
Subsonic Sound Gun Subsonic Sound Gun Ranged Energy Sonic Tech
Supersonic Sword Supersonic Sword Melee Sonic Tech
Quantum Jumper Sudden Support Buff Tech
Svalinn Defender Svalinn Defender Buff Tech

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