Icon Name Type
Galactic Crusher Galactic Crusher Melee Tech
Galvanic Arm Galvanic Arm Debuff Electric Tech
Gamma Booster Gamma Booster Buff Tech
Gamma Gadget Gamma Gadget Buff Tech
Gamma Hammer Gamma Hammer Melee Energy Tech
Gamma Knuckles Gamma Knuckles Melee Tech
Gamma Radiation Emitter Gamma Radiation Emitter Ranged Tech Energy
Golden P.E.W. "Raze" Golden P.E.W. "Raze" Energy Ranged Tech
Golden T.Q. 5000 Golden T.Q. 5000 Gun Ranged Tech
Greater Bifurcator Greater Bifurcator Debuff Tech
H.A.I. Emiter H.A.I. Emiter Tech
Early Warning Detector Handheld Iso-8 Scanner Buff Tech
Hard-Lock Energy Rifle Hard-Lock Energy Rifle Tech Energy
Heavy Ion Beam Heavy Ion Beam Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Heroic Call Heroic Call Buff Tech
Holographic Shields Holographic Shields Buff Tech
Incensor Incensor Melee Tech Fire
Infiltrator Augmenter Infiltrator Augmenter Tech Buff
Infiltrator Enhancer Infiltrator Enhancer Tech Buff
Insert Coin Insert Coin Ranged Tech
Ionic Cannon Ionic Cannon Ranged Tech Energy
Ionic Blaster Ionic Blaster Ranged Tech Energy
Ionic Hammer Ionic Hammer Melee Tech
Ionic Sledge Ionic Sledge Melee Tech
Curative Reach Infinite Injection Buff Heal Tech
Item 47 Item 47 Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Kinetic Blade Mk II Kinetic Blade Mk II Melee Tech Kinetic
Kinetic Energy Blade Kinetic Energy Blade Melee Tech Energy Kinetic
Lasercutter Lasercutter Ranged Energy Tech
Laser Spotter Laser Spotter Debuff Tech
Laser Sword Laser Sword Slashing Energy Melee Tech
Legion Blade Mk1 Legion Blade Mk1 Tech Electric
Legion Disruption Blade Legion Disruption Blade Tech Electric
Legion Particle Accelerator Legion Particle Accelerator Tech Electric
Legion Pulse Rifle Legion Pulse Rifle Tech Electric
Legion Pulse Rifle Mk1 Legion Pulse Rifle Mk1 Tech Electric
Legion Transponder Legion Transponder Tech
Lightning Rod Lightning Rod Ranged Gun Electric Tech
Magnetic Field Generator Magnetic Field Generator Buff Tech
Masterkey Masterkey Ranged Gun Energy Tech
Mechanical Mjolnir Mechanical Mjolnir Melee Tech
Might of Attilan Might of Attilan Slashing Energy Tech
Force Field Generator Mirror Field Generator Buff Tech
Mordant Laser Rifle Mordant Laser Rifle Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Multishot Injector Multishot Injector Ranged Tech Bio
Mutagen Emitter Mutagen Emitter Energy Tech Buff
Mutant's End Mutant's End Ranged Energy Tech

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