Team ( Feature) is no longer usable, may have been removed from the game,
or have been obsolete, that may or may not return in the future.
Refer to the Patch Notes for changes made to the game.

For the in-game menu, see Team.

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"Teams are groups of players who play together, earn rewards, and chat together."
— Teams

Teams (formerly known as Guilds) were a feature exclusive to's version of Marvel: Avengers Alliance. When playing for the first time, players are automatically joined into a random Guild, and players have the option to switch to Guilds they favor.

The Teams features is still in a Beta phase in the game. It is also unknown if this feature will be implemented in the Facebook version in the future.


  • Chatting with other Team Members.
  • Tournaments held against two Teams from time to time, yielding prizes for those who win.
  • Weekly Leaderboards against Teams.
  • Top Weekly Members Leaderboard inside a Team.
  • Switching sides between Teams.
    • There is a cooldown of two hours to players for every switch between Teams.


There are a total of 12 Teams available in the game. Each Team is named after a letter of the Greek Alphabet.

The Teams are:

Playdom MAA Team-Alpha

Alpha Team
Playdom MAA Team-Beta

Beta Team
Playdom MAA Team-Gamma

Gamma Team
Playdom MAA Team-Delta

Delta Team
Playdom MAA Team-Epsilon

Epsilon Team
Playdom MAA Team-Zeta

Zeta Team
Playdom MAA Team-Theta

Theta Team
Playdom MAA Team-Kappa

Kappa Team
Playdom MAA Team-Lamda

Lamda Team
Playdom MAA Team-Omicron

Omicron Team
Playdom MAA Team-Sigma

Sigma Team
Playdom MAA Team-Omega

Omega Team

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