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June 10, 2015 Patch NotesEdit

New Lockbox Hero: Superior Spider-ManEdit

Bio: On first glance, this alternate Spider-Man appears to be a more aggressive and condescending version of Peter Parker. This is only partially true as this version of Spider-Man is actually possessed by the mind of Dr. Otto Octavius, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus. Evading death by possessing the body of his arch-nemesis, Octavius was infused with the memories of his predecessor and became determined to show the world what a Superior Spider-Man was capable of while hiding his true identity, especially from other Spiders.

Class: Tactician

  • Passive 1: Cunning Plan
    • Gains Combat Expertise each round
    • Chance to gain Epiphany each round
  • Passive 2: Superior
    • Chance to counter attacks with a devastating monologue

Action 1: Superior Webbing

  • Unlocked at Level 1
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Type: Ranged
  • One Enemy
    • Webbed
      • Cannot dodge most attacks
      • Attacks against this target are guaranteed crits
      • A second application of Webbed applies Tangles Web
    • Fumbling
      • Single-target attacks provoke a counter-attack

Action 2: Superior Swing

  • Unlocked at Level 2
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Type: Melee
  • Special Properties
  • One Enemy
    • Fatal Blow
      • Defeats normal enemies with less than 20% health
      • Greatly damages bosses with less than 20% health

Action 3: Superior Armaments

  • Unlocked at Level 6
  • Targets One Enemy
  • Type: Ranged
  • Special Properties
  • One Enemy
    • Open Wound
      • Chance to apply Ravaged and up to 3 applications of Bleeding

Action 4: Dr. Arachnid

  • Unlocked at Level 9
  • Targets All Enemies
  • Type: Unarmed, Melee
  • Special Properties
  • All Enemies
    • Impaired
      • Attacks do 20% less damage and cannot crit
      • Cancelled by Restrain or Subdue
    • Downgrade
      • Prevents Technology attacks
      • Removes beneficial Technology status effects
      • Affected metal targets gain Magnetized

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