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  • Many of Sunfire's Abilities and Effects are taken from japanese word
    • Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 109
       Atsuku Nare
      • (熱くなれ) means Get Hotter
    • Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 043
       Taiyou no Hi
      • (太陽の火) means Fire of the Sun
    • Sunfire-Moeagare! Moeagare!
      • (燃え上がれ!) means Burn Up!
    • Sunfire-Kyokujitsuken Kyokujitsuken
      • (旭日拳) means Fist of the Rising Sun
    • Sunfire-Taiyou Flare Taiyou Flare
      • (太陽フレア) means Solar Flare
    • Sunfire-Kouen Banjou Kouen Banjou
      • (光炎万丈) means Vigor of Flame

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