Street Thugs are generic enemies engaged in criminal activity, as opposed to those strictly employed by organizations such as The Hand or Hydra. Though these enemies are known to be employed by individuals such as Dell Rusk and The Hood.

In-Game MembersEdit


Street ThugsEdit

Blaster Bullets (1) Icon Bullets (2) Icon
Lead Foot Icon Bullets (1) Icon
 Lead Foot
Bruiser Enforcer (1) Icon Enforcer (2) Icon
Muscle Icon Enforcer (1) Icon
Infiltrator Ice Pick Icon Slicer (1) Icon
 Ice Pick
Slicer (1) Icon Slicer (2) Icon
Scrapper Knuckles (1) Icon Knuckles (2) Icon
Mad Dog Icon Knuckles (1) Icon
 Mad Dog
Tactician Angler (1) Icon Angler (2) Icon
Framer Icon Angler (1) Icon

Involved CharactersEdit

Dell Rusk Portrait Art
Dell Rusk
The Hood Icon
 The Hood

Street Thugs-RelatedEdit


Icon Name Icon Name
Stark Industries Isotope Cannon Stark Industries Isotope Cannon The Exsanguinator The Exsanguinator
Transcranial Stimulator Transcranial Stimulator Wave-Nullifier Wave-Nullifier

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