• Season 2 had the following preview text before its release:
Season 2
You built an alliance of the world’s mightiest heroes and stood shoulder to shoulder with them as chaos threatened to tear everything apart. This team is a bright light on a planet falling to darkness.

Everything has changed, the world is more dangerous, the threats are more frequent, and our enemies are seemingly endless.

Our alliance has to get bigger. New heroes, new villains, new locations, and more coming in Season 2.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2 Teaser

Teaser Image

  • Season 2 was announced to be released at June 18, 2013 but was delayed to make more fixes to the game.
  • Marvel XP's Facebook page however, has announced that Season 2 will start within July.
  • A teaser Image was released on Marvel's official website, hinting at the upcoming content of Season 2.
  • More teaser Images were released at June 18, 2013. Images show sprites for Sugar Man and Selene as well as how the tabs will look at the Mission page, and how new features will look in Missions.
  • Selene and Sugar Man will debut in Season 2 Chapter 1.
  • Season 2 can be unlocked by finishing Season 1's Chapter 1 Mission 4.
  • Season 2 is confirmed to have 12 chapters, and have only chapter 1 at release.
  • Justin Woods confirmed at the SDCC 2013 that, instead of golden weapons, players will recieve alternate uniforms for heroes and get both classes.
  • The confirmed Alternate Uniforms are Heroic Age Iron Fist for Chapter 1, and Uncanny Cyclops for Chapter 2.
  • The slides also confirm Gambit to become the Premium Mission Hero for Chapter 1.
  • There are a total of 6 Heroic-battles in Chapter-1:
  • Trailers have also shown Gambit and Rogue in the upcoming Heroic Battles Feature against three Prime Sentinels.
  • In chapter 1- mission 6, there is a heroic battle involving Cable and Deadpool vs all 4 U-Foes.
  • There is a heroic battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth in Chapter 1.
  • 10 Energy points are consumed in Heroic battles, even though Agent does not fight Heroic battles(only heroes fight).
  • Missions from Season 2 will scale to the Agent's current Level.
  • Golden Weapons will still be available but as task rewards instead of Chapter Mastery. The relevant tasks involve playing every mission in Challenge Mode.
  • Players will receive, in total, 9 rewards after achieving full chapter mastery. Those are: Iron Fist Alt, Gold & CP for Chapter Mastery; Gold for completing all tasks; Silver for completing all Deploys; Gold for completing all Incursions; Gold for completing all Heroic Battles; a Golden weapon for completing all challenge mode missions in the chapter; and finally, CP for defeating all Epic Bosses in the chapter.
  • Agent Coulson and Professor X will finally debut in the game throughout Season 2.
  • Season 2 will feature brand new songs and sounds in the game, some from known Marvel Comics properties. including the theme song from Marvel's The Avengers. The soundtrack is promised to be more realistic.
  • The Circle of 8 will debut in the game in Season 2 - Chapter 2, named "Crazy Eights".
  • Season 2 was released August 1, 2013.

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