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Mission Mastery

Every chapter has 5 stars of mastery, each star obtained grants a different reward:

No. of Stars Reward
Star icon 250  Silver-icon
Star icon Star icon 1000  Silver-icon
Star icon Star icon Star icon 100 XP-icon
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon Gold icon
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon Command point icon

Fully mastering a Chapter grants players Rewards.

Mission Difficulty

Each mission, save the Premium Missions, has a set difficulty level. When a mission is 5-starred, the difficulty is scaled to the agent level the player is.

In Premium Missions, difficulty is set to the agent level, no matter the mastery.

Challenge Mode sets the difficulty to to the agent level +5, whatever the mastery.

Chapter 1 - The Pulse

Chapter 2 - The Iso Effect
Msnfrm1 Ch01 m1
The Hydra's Tail
Msnfrm2 Ch01 m2
Class is in Session
Msnfrm3 Ch01 m3
Msnfrm1 Ch02 m1
In the Family
Msnfrm2 Ch02 m2
The Sound of Feathers Ruffling
Epic ic Msnfrm3 Ch02 m3
Step into the Shadows
Msnfrm4 Ch01 m4
Designed Only for Killing
Msnfrm5 Ch01 m5
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Hulk Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch01 m6

Extra Large
Msnfrm4 Ch02 m4
Mean People
Msnfrm5 Ch02 m5
Mutate or Die
Iron Man Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch02 m6

Ulterior Motive

Chapter 3 - Enter Doom

Chapter 4 - You, Foe
Msnfrm1 Ch03 m1
Sacred Ground
Msnfrm2 Ch03 m2
Brooklyn Bridge is Falling Down
Msnfrm3 Ch03 m3
RAID-ical Resolution
Msnfrm1 Ch04 m1
Msnfrm2 Ch04 m2
Center Point
Msnfrm3 Ch04 m3
Msnfrm4 Ch03 m4
Odd Bedfellows
Epic ic Msnfrm5 Ch03 m5
Three Strikes
Spider-Man Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch03 m6

Epic ic Msnfrm4 Ch04 m4
Unexpected Guest
Msnfrm5 Ch04 m5
Command Performance
Wolverine Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch04 m6

Tooth and Claw

Chapter 5 - Gods & Monsters

Chapter 6 - Uprising
Msnfrm1 Ch05 m1
An Early Frost
Msnfrm2 Ch05 m2
Taking AIM
Epic ic Msnfrm3 Ch05 m3
Chemistry Set
Msnfrm1 Ch06 m1
Underworld Masquerade
Msnfrm2 Ch06 m2
I Predict a Riot
Epic ic Msnfrm3 Ch06 m3
Msnfrm4 Ch05 m4
Msnfrm5 Ch05 m5
City of Stone
War Machine Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch05 m6

Hydra Assemble!
Msnfrm4 Ch06 m4
Mutants Marching
Msnfrm5 Ch06 m5
Magic Hand
Phoenix Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch06 m6

Jailhouse Rock

Chapter 7 - MIA

Chapter 8 - Dark Rites
Msnfrm1 Ch07 m1
Msnfrm2 Ch07 m2
Taking It to the Streets
Epic ic Msnfrm3 Ch07 m3
Head Shot
Msnfrm1 Ch08 m5
Dewey Decimation System
Msnfrm2 Ch08 m2
Congressional Action
Msnfrm3 Ch08 m3
Grand Experiment
Msnfrm4 Ch07 m4
Deceiver and Destroyer
Msnfrm5 Ch07 m5
Chaos Reigns
Human Torch Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch07 m6

A Whole New U
Msnfrm4 Ch08 m4
Quis Custodiet
Epic ic Msnfrm5 Ch08 m1
Thor Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch08 m6

Bring the Thunder

Chapter 9 - The Syndicate

Chapter 10 - Chaos Circle
Msnfrm1 Ch09 m1
The Boss is Back
Msnfrm2 Ch09 m2
Mutatis Mutandis
Msnfrm3 Ch09 m3
Hand and Fist
Msnfrm1 Ch10 m1
U-Foe Sighting
Msnfrm2 Ch10 m2
Power Play
Msnfrm3 Ch10 m3
Stormy Weather
Epic ic Msnfrm4 Ch09 m4
Weird Science
Msnfrm5 Ch09 m5
Criminal Minds
Dr. Strange Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch09 m6

Darkness Rising
Epic ic Msnfrm4 Ch10 m4
Grinning Skull
Msnfrm5 Ch10 m5
The Syndicate
Luke Cage Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch10 m6

Der Rote Schadel Lebt Noch

Chapter 11 - Mutant Mayhem

Chapter 12 - Titanomachia
Msnfrm1 Ch11 m1
Mutants Take Manhattan
Msnfrm2 Ch11 m2
HYDRA for Humans!
Epic ic Msnfrm3 Ch11 m3
Enter the Circle
Msnfrm1 Ch12 m1
Epic ic Msnfrm2 Ch12 m2
Msnfrm3 Ch12 m3
Under the Hood
Msnfrm4 Ch11 m4
Underground Resistance
Msnfrm5 Ch11 m5
Mutation Zone
Captain America Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch11 m6

Breaking the Syndicate
Msnfrm4 Ch12 m4
Msnfrm5 Ch12 m5
Feeding Frenzy
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Msnfrm6 Ch12 m6

Doom's Day

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