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Special Operations - Savage Lands: Mission 1 - Saurian SupremacyEdit

Boss - StegronEdit


I should have expected to sssee you. Are you here to tell me I shouldn't ssstart trouble? I should accept Sssauron as the leader of the Sssavage Land? Stegron:
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Ka-Zar Icon 1
Hardly. I wouldn't expect anyone sane to believe in Sauron as a leader.

On the other hand, you are hardly a better choice.

Ssso it'ssss a fight you have come for. You will have it! Sssaurians need no mammals to lead us! Stegron:
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Ka-Zar Icon 1
Nor do mammals have need of saurian tyranny. The Savage Land deserves peace, and that is not what you bring.

O mighty protector! Yesss... so be it. The Sssavage Land will be mine... and you will be a meal for these evolved Hauk'ka. Stegron:
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You're doomed already, Ka-Zar. No matter what happensss here, no matter what Sssauron believes... the Sssavage Land will belong to me.

I have powerful friendsss, and you have... who? SSS.H.I.E.L.D.? They'll abandon you the minute Nick Fury sssees a problem back in New York.

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Running around in a loincloth with a tiger is a boy'sss fantasssy, Ka-Zar. The war for the Sssavage Land will be fought by adults. Stegron:
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