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Gender: Agent Male Gender Male
Carries Metal? No
Organization: Savage Land
Dr. Vincent Stegron experimented with dinosaur tissue on a S.H.I.E.L.D. project with Dr. Curt Connors. Stegron stole the samples, fled to the Savage Land, and created a formulathat transformed him into the "Dinosaur Man."
First Marvel: Avengers Alliance Appearance: Special Operations - Savage Lands: Mission 1 - Saurian Supremacy
First Comic Appearance: Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 #19 (March, 1974) (Marvel Database Page)
Story Appearances
Season 1: None
Season 2: Unknown
Special Operations Appearances
Missions: Spec Ops 21 - Mission 1
Other Appearances
Daily Missions: None
Simulator: Villain Archive


  1. Used when Stegron's health goes below 50%.


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