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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Spider-Man/Boss.

October 16, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Bug & Balance Fixes:

June 11, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Amazing Spider-Man Fix

  • The extra turn granted Amazing Spider-Man ’s “The Web-Slinger ” passive can now stack with the extra turn granted by Spider-Sense but can only be used once per round

May 19, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

Balance Changes

  • Spider-Sense has been modified to dodge and grant an extra turn on the next single-target attack
  • Spider-Sense will not trigger on attacks made by Symbiotes

May 1, 2014 Patch NotesEdit

New Uniform

  • Spider-Man has a new limited edition uniform which makes him truly amazing.
  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Class: Scrapper / Infiltrator
  • Self Passive
    • The Web-Slinger
      • Spider-Man gains a chance for an extra turn, after performing a follow-up or counter attack

Related Change

November 27, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Hero Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

  • Moves that exploit Webbed now properly indicate that they deal extra damage
  • Webbed Slingshot’s tooltip now displays correctly
  • Webbed now reduces Attack and Defense by 20% (up from 15%)

July 18, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Black Suit Spider-Man Fix

July 5, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Black Suit Spider-Man Adjustment

April 23, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Spider-Man Fix

March 20, 2013 Patch NotesEdit

Future Foundation Costume Adjustment

  • Tingling no longer expires and continues providing its effects throughout the fight
  • Awareness now only stack to 10
  • Amount of Evasion per stack of Awareness reduced from 7% to 5%
  • Awareness is now tagged as buff and can be removed by effects that remove them
  • Now each application of Awareness expires after 3 rounds

Related Adjustment

  • Party buffs brought by a character or a costume no longer continue to apply when that character is knocked out as Spider-Man's Share the Future

November 12, 2012 Patch NotesEdit

Black Suit Spider-Man Fix

  • Now correctly deals increased damage against Webbed targets

August 31, 2012 Patch NotesEdit

New Uniform - Future Foundation Spider-Man

July 6, 2012Edit

Black Suit Uniform Upgrade

May 3, 2012 Patch NotesEdit

Spider-Man Adjustment

April 2, 2012 Patch NotesEdit

Spider-Man Adjustment

  • Web Shot now causes Webbed, which reduces an enemy's Attack and Defense
  • Web Slingshot now deals a guaranteed hit and crit against targets that are Webbed

March 24, 2012Edit

New Uniform - Black Suit Spider-Man

Original HeroEdit

  • This character has no Release Patch Note.

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