Heroes (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Avalanche Icon 1
Avalanche-Fault Line Fault Line Ground Sonic
Avalanche-Shockwave Shockwave Sonic Ranged
Avalanche-Epicenter Epicenter Sonic Buff Debuff
Black Bolt Icon 1
Black Bolt-Whisper Whisper Ranged Sonic
Black Bolt-Power Word Power Word Ranged Sonic
Boomerang Icon 1
Boomerang-Screamerang Screamerang Ranged Slashing Sonic
Fixer Icon 1
Fixer-Sonic Cannon Sonic Cannon Ranged Sonic Tech
Hawkeye Icon 2
Hawkeye-Sure Shot Sonic Arrow Ranged Sonic
Hawkeye-Arrow Volley Sonic Volley Ranged Sonic
Hulk Icon 1
Hulk-Thunder Clap Thunder Clap Ranged Sonic
Hulk Icon 5
Hulk-Thunder Clap Monster-Size Thunder Clap Ranged Sonic
Quake Icon 1
Quake-Frack Attack Frack Attack Unarmed Melee Sonic
Quake-Seismic Wave Seismic Wave Ranged Sonic
Quake-Megathrust Earthquake Megathrust Earthquake Ranged Ground Sonic
Quake-Harmonic Tremor Harmonic Tremor Ranged Sonic
Shocker Icon 1
Shocker-Shocking Shocking Sonic Melee
Shocker-High Frequency High Frequency Sonic Ranged
Shocker-Low Frequency Low Frequency Sonic Ranged
Shocker-Shocker Smash Shocker Smash Sonic Ground

Enemies (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Ability Type
Dark Hawkeye Icon
 Dark Hawkeye
Sonic Arrow Ranged Sonic
Avalanche Icon
Fault Line Ground Sonic
Shockwave Sonic
The Big One Ground Sonic

Augmented Iso-8Edit


Related Effects

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