Name Ability Type
Psylocke Icon 1
Psylocke-Telekinetic Katana Telekinetic Katana Slashing Kinetic Melee
Psylocke-Psychic Knives Psychic Knives Slashing Melee
Punisher Icon 1
Punisher-Stoker Z-F Combat Dagger Stoker Z-F Combat Dagger Melee Slashing
Sabretooth Icon 1
Sabretooth-Claw Swipe Claw Swipe Slashing Melee
Sabretooth-Brutal Slash Brutal Slash Slashing Melee
Satana Icon 1
Satana-Enthralled Guardian Enthralled Guardian: Bound Blade Melee Slashing Magic
Shanna Icon 1
Shanna-Scorpion's Sting Scorpion's Sting Melee Slashing
Shanna-Pinning Prick Pinning Prick Melee Slashing
Shanna-Serpent Strike Serpent Strike Melee Slashing
Shanna-Off the Vine Off the Vine Melee Slashing
Shatterstar Icon 1
Shatterstar-Blade Maelstrom Blade Maelstrom Slashing Melee
Shatterstar-Mojo Skewer Mojo Skewer Slashing Melee
Shatterstar-Vibro Shockwave Vibro Shockwave Slashing Kinetic Melee
Sif Icon 1
Sif-Thrust Thrust Slashing Melee
Sif-Leaping Slash Leaping Slash Slashing Melee
Sif-Flying Sword Flying Sword Slashing Ranged
Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1
Spider-Man 2099-What the Shock What the Shock?! Slashing Melee
Spider-Man 2099-You're History! You're History! Slashing Melee
Spiral Icon 1
Spiral-Cut Loose Cut Loose Melee Slashing
Spitfire Icon 1
Spitfire-Attack Run Attack Run Melee Slashing
Spitfire-Sleeping Tiger Sleeping Tiger Melee Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Dance of Blood Dance of Blood Melee Slashing
Taskmaster-Nightmare Sword Nightmare Sword Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Parting Gift Parting Gift Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Attack of Opportunity Attack of Opportunity Slashing Melee
Taskmaster-Dance of Blood Dance of Blood Slashing Melee
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Ring of Steel Ring of Steel Slashing Melee
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Mutilate Mutilate Slashing Melee
Taskmaster-Berserker Frenzy Berserker Frenzy Slashing Melee
Taskmaster-Flying Steel Flying Steel Ranged Slashing
Tigra Icon 1
Tigra-Razor Claws Razor Claws Slashing Melee
Tigra-Swipe Swipe Slashing Melee
Tigra-Frenzy Frenzy Slashing Melee
Union Jack Icon 1
Union Jack-Trench Warfare Trench Warfare Melee Unarmed Slashing
Union Jack-Over the Top Over the Top Melee Unarmed Slashing
Union Jack-V for Victory V for Victory Melee Unarmed Slashing
Valkyrie Icon 1
Valkyrie-Geirr Geirr Slashing Melee
Valkyrie-Dragonfang Dragonfang Magic Slashing Melee Electric
Volstagg Icon 1
Volstagg-Splitting Headache Splitting Headache Slashing Melee
Volstagg-Axe-arang Axe-arang Slashing Ranged
Wolverine Icon 1
Wolverine-Adamantium Claws Adamantium Claws Slashing Melee
Wolverine-Berserker Frenzy Berserker Frenzy Slashing Melee
Wolverine-Savage Rend Savage Rend Slashing Melee
Wolverine-Feral Ambush Feral Ambush Slashing Melee
X-23 Icon 1
X-23-Snikt! Snikt! Slashing Melee
X-23-Blades of Rage Blades of Rage Slashing Melee
X-23-Made For Walking Made For Walking Slashing Melee
X-23-Assassin's Strike Assassin's Strike Slashing Melee

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