Icon Name Type
Panther's Blade Panther's Blade Slashing Vibranium Melee
Pendragon Pendragon Melee Slashing
Phoenix Pinion Phoenix Pinion Melee Slashing
Phoenix Talon Phoenix Talon Melee Slashing Energy
Primitive Spear Primitive Spear Melee Slashing
Psychotic Blade Psychotic Blade Melee Slashing
Pulse Blade Pulse Blade Melee Slashing Tech
Hidden Blade R-Pod Concealed Cutter Melee Slashing
Raft Shank Raft Shank Slashing Melee
Retractable Claw Retractable Claw Melee Slashing
Sabretooth's Claws Sabretooth's Claws Melee Slashing
Sacrificial Blade Sacrificial Blade Melee Slashing
Savage Axe Savage Axe Melee Slashing
Savant's Spear Savant's Spear Ranged Slashing
Screamer Screamer Melee Slashing
Scythe of Atum Scythe of Atum Melee Slashing
Scythe of Ptah Scythe of Ptah Melee Slashing
Shadow Shadow Melee Slashing
Sinflayer Sinflayer Melee Slashing Fire
Sorcerous Sceptre Sorcerous Sceptre Magic Slashing Ground
Soulfinder Soulfinder Melee Slashing Fire
Soulfire Blade Soulfire Blade Magic Melee Slashing
Spatha Spatha Melee Slashing
Spirit Edge Spirit Edge Melee Slashing Magic
Splinter of Night Splinter of Night Melee Slashing Magic
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Melee Slashing
Stropped Razor Stropped Razor Slashing Melee
Cauterizer Super Blade Punch Slashing Energy Melee
Survival Knife Survival Knife Slashing Melee
Survivalist Survivalist Slashing Melee Fire
Sword of the Barony Sword of the Barony Slashing Melee
Tactical Knife Tactical Knife Melee Slashing
Thanaphage Thanaphage Melee Slashing
The Exsanguinator The Exsanguinator Melee Slashing
The Knight The Knight Melee Slashing
Chain Blade The Ripper Slashing Melee
Tyrant Blade Tyrant Blade Slashing Melee Vibranium
Unrefined Psychotic Blade Unrefined Psychotic Blade Melee Slashing
Uterpendragon Uterpendragon Melee Slashing
Vampiric Sword Vampiric Sword Slashing Melee Vibranium
Vibra-Crescent Vibra-Crescent Melee Slashing Vibranium
Vibra-Shotel Vibra-Shotel Slashing Melee Vibranium
Vibra-Trumbash Vibra-Trumbash Slashing Melee Vibranium
Wakandan Club Knife Wakandan Club Knife Slashing Melee Vibranium
Wakandan Speed Blade Wakandan Speed Blade Melee Sonic Vibranium Slashing
Warbringer Axe Warbringer Axe Melee Slashing
Watcher's Blade Watcher's Blade Slashing Melee
Web Axe Web Axe Melee Slashing
Whistling Steel Whistling Steel Melee Slashing
Withering Blade Withering Blade Melee Slashing
Woodsman's Axe Woodsman's Axe Melee Slashing
Wretched Defender Wretched Defender Melee Slashing
Zed Slugger Zed Slugger Melee Slashing

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