September 20, 2012 Patch Notes

For Release Build Containing Spec Op 3: Avengers vs. X-Men

The latest update to the game features a special operations chapter based on the blockbuster Avengers vs. X-Men comic book event. Additionally, we are also unveiling Jean Grey as a member of our version of the "Phoenix Five." Players will have a chance to play both sides of the story, as your team selection is on a per-mission basis, and replaying each mission gives you the chance to pick again to earn all of the rewards!

Special Operation 3: Avengers vs. X-MenEdit

  • Special Operation chapter based on the Avengers vs. X-Men comic book event going on in Marvel Comics right now!
  • The reward hero for Spec Op 3 is Magik, the ruler of Limbo and sister of Colossus.
  • There are 25 new tasks required to unlock Magik.
  • Five of the X-Men have been transformed into the “Phoenix Five”, giving them incredible cosmic power and awesome new outfits: Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Phoenix, and Magik! You will encounter these powerful X-Men as allies on the X-Men side of the story, and opponents on the Avengers side.
    • Phoenix Five costumes for the other 4 heroes are not yet available for players to obtain, but they will be available for Command Points in the very near future.
    • When players obtain Magik, her default costume is the Phoenix Five version.
  • This chapter features “Split Missions” meaning there are two ways to play each segment. That means each mission has 2 bosses, and there are 2 different epic bosses. Again, players are free to try both sides as many times as they like.
  • There are 8 new boss rewards, new 3 task completion rewards, and 3 new research/upgrade rewards.
  • Gold “Unstable Iso-8” is now available on the “Gifts” page and obtainable through combat drops, the new “Daily Reward” feature, and boss/deploy rewards. This is new resource is required for all Spec Op 3 combats and deploys.
  • Heroes are fighting heroes! Certain heroes will not be available to you for use in combats or deploys depending on which side of the story you have chosen. Don’t worry, you still have these heroes, and they are available for play on the other side!
  • For the first time ever, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is leaving the comfort of New York City and traveling to San Francisco. Missions 1 and 3 feature the Golden Gate and Alcatraz maps, respectively. You may notice a few famous Marvel Comics locations.
  • Players may notice a new type of Team-Up on the X-Men side of the story where the character is available in your roster of heroes to deploy to the fight, but doesn’t necessarily start on the map or pre-fight screen. Make sure you check out the hero roster in the fight; you may see a Team-Up with Gambit, Storm, or other X-Men!

Magik - The Ruler of LimboEdit

  • Scrapper class
  • Passive: Ruler of Limbo – Chance when attacking or attacked to summon demons to assist.
  • Attack 1: Soulsword – Single target attack that can damage incorporeal targets. Also grants one “Soul Charge”
    • Soul Charge unlocks the abilities of Magik’s other abilities. Each attack has up to two additional effects, depending on whether Magik has one or two stacks of Soul Charge
    • Soul Charge also increases the chance of triggering Ruler of Limbo to summon a demon when attacking or attacked
    • Soul Charge stacks up to 2 times
  • Attack 2: Unleash Hell – AOE attack that affects all enemies causing “Bane”
    • Targets with Bane take additional damage from Magic attacks and effects such as Soulfire and Dark Void
    • If one “Soul Charge” is present causes “Burning” to all enemies
    • If two “Soul Charges” are present causes “Burning” and “Hellfire”
      • Hellfire deals Magic damage every turn and removes beneficial statuses when applied
      • The heat from Hellfire burns a target’s soul, allowing it to damage both robots and living creatures, including those normally immune to Burning
      • New Beneficial statuses may be applied to targets with Hellfire
  • Attack 3: Stepping Disc - Single target attack that can damage incorporeal targets.
    • Stealthy - Does not trigger counter-attack or protect effects
    • 100% chance to hit
    • If one “Soul Charge” is present, causes Pressure Points
      • Has a chance to cause “Dizzy”, “Exposed”, “Slowed”, or Weakened”
    • If two “Soul Charges” are present, causes Pressure Points as well as increased damage
  • Attack 4: Soulflare – Single target attack that ignores the enemy’s defense stat.
    • If one “Soul Charge” is present, causes the “Melt Armor” debuff
      • All attacks against a target with Melt Armor ignore defense
    • If two “Soul Charges” are present then causes “Melt Armor” and “Stun”
  • Phoenix Potential: Fiery Retribution
    • This is the passive ability that Magik gets from her Phoenix Five costume.
    • Allies have a chance to unleash Phoenix power each turn. Affected allies have the following buff:
      • Deals additional fire damage to enemies when attacking or attacked.

Daily Reward FeatureEdit

Spec Op 3 has a new feature called the “Daily Reward”. This is similar to a ‘deploy reward’ that can earn you awesome prizes every day for free. After your daily free prize you will be able to play again for 5 gold as often as you like.

  • To try again on the Daily Reward after you have closed it, just click the question mark icon on the left side of the game window on the “Missions” tab.
  • Some of the fabulous prizes you can earn from the Daily Reward are:
    • Souldrainer - A very powerful new customized weapon
    • Bauxite Interference Helmet - a new high PVP bonus defensive consumable that removes most debuffs, raises all stats, and makes the target immune to psychic attacks for 2 turns
    • Mystical Munition - A new grenade-type item that applies Burning, Dark Void, and Soulfire to the target
    • 10 gold!
    • 1000 Yellow Unstable Iso-8!
    • 20 Command Points!
    • And more...

Scrapper updateEdit

  • Scrappers now gain Close Quarters Combat when attacking or attacked by an Infiltrator. This includes area attacks that hit Infiltrators
  • Close Quarters Combat allows the Scrapper to gain a follow-up attack against any class on the next attack
  • Scrappers continue to perform a follow-up attack when attacking Infiltrators with single-target attacks. This does not stack with the extra attack from Close Quarters Combat.
  • Close Quarters Combat allows Scrappers to ignore most “Avoidance effects”

Combat System UpdatesEdit

  • Follow-up attacks (such as from the Scrapper bonus or Double Strike item) no longer occur after Quick Actions. This is to prevent these effects from granting more than one additional attack per turn.
  • Effects that cause an attack to become dodged or blocked such as Mirror Image, Storm’s Protective Shroud, Captain America’s Shield Guard, and passive abilities such as Invisible Woman’s Invisibility are classified as “Avoidance effects.”
    • Tooltips for these effects have been updated to say they cause a character to “Avoid” certain attacks.
    • Certain “Avoidance effects” have additional descriptors such as Invisibility, Incorporeal, or Illusions
  • Tooltips for actions that can “ignore Avoidance” have been updated

Bug FixesEdit

  • We have significantly increased the item drop rate for items that are required to unlock chapter missions.

Known Issues

  • Players who login and start Spec Op 3 for the first time, will not be able to obtain the new “Daily Reward” immediately. This is a one day issue and it will be corrected when you log into the game on the next day.


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