Pre-Season PVP BetaEdit

Pre-Season PVP Beta features level capped tournaments. Level capped tournaments are the second phase of major PVP releases, building on the refactored matchmaking system deployed in Pre-Season PVP Alpha. Being the initial release of level capped tournaments, additional tuning and adjustments will be made, as needed.

Good luck, Agents!

Level Capped Tournaments:Edit

Participants will now be capped at level 60 in their matches to ensure a more balanced PVP experience. Players above level 60 will appear as level 60, while players below level 60 will remain unchanged.

The Power Levels of gear are scaled, to retain their power relative to the agent level, while fitting within the 60 cap. Gear which has been out-leveled (Power Level is much lower than the agent level) will appear at lower Power Levels, while gear with Power Levels close to the agent level will appear at higher Power Levels. The exception to this is when the Power Level exceeds the agent level, such as Limited Edition gear, which retain their additional Power Level bonuses.

A few examples:

  • Level 300 Agent with a Power Level 300 gear item will appear capped at level 60 with a Power Level 60 gear item.
  • Level 300 Agent with a Power Level 100 gear item will appear capped at level 60 with a Power Level 20 gear item.
  • Level 300 Agent with a Power Level 310 gear item will appear capped at level 60 with a Power Level 70 gear item. In other words, any power levels above your agent are retained.

Additionally, Stat Bonuses gained from the Hero Bonus and Armory Bonus are scaled to match the adjusted agent levels. For players above level 60, the Health, Stamina, Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion bonuses continue to provide stat increases (larger rosters, higher level heroes and high item bonuses provide the greatest increases), but are calculated as if the agent is level 60. For players below level 60, there are no visible changes.

Adamantium Reward:
12 Mysterious Space Relics (+3833 Offensive, +7119 Defensive)

Vibranium Reward:
5 Gold

Diamond Reward:
5 Command Points

Gold Reward:
40,000 Silver

Silver Reward:
10,000 Silver


  • Fixed an issue where Loki will enter combat and stay invisible
  • Single-target protectors will no longer protect phased allies
  • Fixed an issue where area protectors were not protecting when at least one ally has an evasion effect trigger, they should now correctly protect all allies
  • Finest Hour! no longer exploits Shield and Healing effects, this is to balance exploit damage
  • Psychic Amplifier and Prototype Psychic Amplifier will appropriately start cooled down as intended
  • Rocket Raccoon and other Ammo abilities will no longer grant an infinite number of turns while Depower is applied
  • Monomolecular Blades will now apply a 15% damage reduction on the attached action, the tooltip has been revised to display this change
  • Iron Fist’s Combo Breaker can now trigger a maximum of 5 times in a round
  • The Raft Shank’s Combo Breaker can now trigger a maximum of 4 times in a round
  • Iron Fist’s Combo Breaker and the Raft Shank’s Combo Breaker have had their damage reduced
  • Counter-attacks and Follow-up attacks have had their damage reduced globally by 10%
  • Preemptive counters have had their damage reduced globally by 15%
  • Unstable ISO-8 should stop dropping from friend’s maps Saturday morning Pacific time (9/20)
  • Agents at level 100 and higher will notice a 100% increase in the amount of silver for the silver loot drop on their friend’s map. This will also start happening on Saturday morning Pacific time (9/20)


  • Agents can now change their look with the addition of ‘bald and bearded’ for male agents and a new hair style for female agents

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