• "The shifting sands contained inside seem to have a mind of their own."
    Collect Sandboxes to unlock Sandman

Sale Description:

  • "SALE: Collect Impending Sandboxes to unlock Sandman"
  • 1 Sandbox
  • 3 Sandboxes
  • 4 Sandboxes
  • 5 Sandboxes
  • 12 Sandboxes

Sandbox (or Sandbox Lockbox) is a lockbox included with Special Operation 18. Obtaining all the comic book covers unlocks Sandman. They are used to recruit Sandman by collecting Comic Book Covers and completing the Sandman Collection

  • Lockboxes can be purchased in the store at a cost of 1 Gold icon .
  • Lockboxes can be sold in the store at a price of 500 Silver-icon .
  • Lockboxes can be opened individually at a 7% chance of obtaining a Comic Book Cover. 10 lockboxes can be opened together for a 100% chance of obtaining a comic book cover.

Potential DropsEdit


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