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  • Notes and Trivia


  • Rocket Raccoon was released on April 11, 2014, as the Adamantium reward for PVP Season 15. 
  • Rocket Raccoon is the first playable non-humanoid being on the game.
  • If Rocket Raccoon doesn't have Ammo Cell, all actions are replaced by Reload.
  • Rocket Raccoon also appears in Groot's Recruitment Dialogue.
  • Before August 15, 2014 patch, Rocket Raccoon was the first character where all his attacks were Quick Actions.
  • Rocket Raccoon has a themed weapon: BMKG-Rifle 3007.


  • Rocket Raccoon's first two moves Rocket Raccoon-BLAM! BLAM! and Rocket Raccoon-MURDERED YOU! MURDERED YOU! are a reference to his famous quote, "Blam! Murdered you!"
  • His team-up bonus "Dr. Doolittle" is likely a reference to the name of the movie.

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