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Research can be conducted to unlock more items and weapons for purchase in the store (though some of these may drop or be rewarded during missions before they are actually unlocked). More advanced research is unlocked by leveling up and completing previous research. Research is unlocked at level 3 after finishing the second mission in Chapter 1.

Research will cost silver, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. Points. Each research topic also has a built-in waiting period, which can be shortened by paying with gold. The more advanced the topic, the longer the waiting period.

Research Tree

Research Tree







  • It was revealed that, along with the launch of Season 2, new filters will be added to the Research page, making it easier for players to find a specific research.

Patch Notes

121614 Locked Button

New locked Button

December 16, 2014 Patch Notes

    • Research tooltips for the items required to complete a research topic are now displayed on a newly implemented Locked Button, which can be seen on all locked research topics. This solves the problem of extensive tooltips hiding the required items, as the tooltip was too big to be displayed in its entirety.

Store Icon
Due to the stats having a difference between players depending on their Agent's Level and Equipment,
Gear stats in the Wiki are now based on a Level 300 Agent equipped with a Generalist's Kevlar Jumpsuit without any Iso-8 slotted on the Uniform and no other items that affect the stats.

Editors must refrain from changing the stats if this is not their Agent setup.

For Customized Gear in addition to the requirements above, editors must have their Customized Gear's Power Level at 300 or greater via Reforging or obtaining the Gear at the required Level. It is recommended to use obtaining gear.

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