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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Red Hulk/Boss.

Red Hulk has the following Team-Up Bonuses:

Team-Up Bonuses

  • Abominable: A-Bomb and Red Hulk
  • Antihero: Heroes who are violent vigilantes
  • Bombs Away: Heroes that use grenades or mines
  • Caught Red-Handed: Domino first knew Red Hulk's identity
  • Code Red: Heroes who were part of Code Red
  • Explosive Relation: Hulk and Red Hulk
  • Foul Play: Red Hulk & Spider-Girl
  • Gamma Gang: Heroes who are Hulks
  • Hot Stuff: Heroes who use fire attacks
  • Newly Assembled: Members who have recently joined the Avengers
  • Proud To Serve: Heroes who are military veterans
  • Red Relation: Red Hulk and Red-She Hulk
  • Thunderbolts: Heroes who are members of the new Thunderbolts
  • Tossers: Heroes with tossing abilities

All Possible Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
A-Bomb Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1 A-Bomb, Red Hulk Abominable
Angela Icon 1Anti-Venom Icon 1Deadpool Icon 1Ghost Rider Icon 1Hyperion Icon 1Hybrid Icon 1Lizard Icon 1Morbius Icon 1Punisher Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Spider-Man Noir Icon 1Superior Spider-Man Icon 1Wolverine Icon 1 Angela, Anti-Venom, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Hyperion, Hybrid, Lizard, Morbius, Punisher, Red Hulk, Spider-Man Noir, Superior Spider-Man, Wolverine Antihero
Cammi Icon 1Deathlok Icon 1Domino Icon 1Fixer Icon 1Gambit Icon 1Punisher Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1 Cammi, Deathlok, Domino, Fixer, Gambit, Punisher, Red Hulk, Winter Soldier Bombs Away
Domino Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1 Domino, Red Hulk Caught Red-Handed
Deadpool Icon 1Elektra Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Red She-Hulk Icon 1Thundra Icon 1 Deadpool, Elektra, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Thundra Code Red
Hulk Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1 Hulk, Red Hulk Explosive Relation
Red Hulk Icon 1Spider-Girl Icon 1 Red Hulk, Spider-Girl Foul Play
Hulk Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Red She-Hulk Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 1 Hulk, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, She-Hulk Gamma Gang
Cannonball Icon 1Crystal Icon 1Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1Deathlok Icon 1Destroyer Icon 1Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1Ghost Rider Icon 1Howard the Duck Icon 1Human Torch Icon 1Phoenix Icon 1Punisher Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Satana Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 1Sunfire Icon 1 Cannonball, Crystal, Daimon Hellstrom, Deathlok, Destroyer, Elsa Bloodstone, Ghost Rider, Howard the Duck, Human Torch, Phoenix, Punisher, Red Hulk, Satana, Star-Lord, Sunfire Hot Stuff
Ant-Man Icon 1Ares Icon 1Dr. Strange Icon 1Havok Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 1Jessica Jones Icon 1Luke Cage Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Rogue Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1Spider-Woman Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 1Storm Icon 1Thing Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1Wolverine Icon 1 Ant-Man, Ares, Dr. Strange, Havok, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Red Hulk, Rogue, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Squirrel Girl, Storm, Thing, Winter Soldier, Wolverine Newly Assembled
Agent Venom Icon 1Beta Ray Bill Icon 1Blue Marvel Icon 1Captain America Icon 1Deathlok Icon 1Falcon Icon 1Moon Knight Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Rocket Raccoon Icon 1Spitfire Icon 1Union Jack Icon 1War Machine Icon 1Winter Soldier Icon 1 Agent Venom, Beta Ray Bill, Blue Marvel, Captain America, Deathlok, Falcon, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Red Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Spitfire, Union Jack, War Machine, Winter Soldier Proud To Serve
Red Hulk Icon 1Red She-Hulk Icon 1 Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk Red Relation
Agent Venom Icon 1Black Widow Icon 1Blizzard Icon 1Boomerang Icon 1Deadpool Icon 1Elektra Icon 1Fixer Icon 1Hawkeye Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 1Juggernaut Icon 1Luke Cage Icon 1Moonstone Icon 1Punisher Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Satana Icon 1Shocker Icon 1 Agent Venom, Black Widow, Blizzard, Boomerang, Deadpool, Elektra, Fixer, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Juggernaut, Luke Cage, Moonstone, Punisher, Red Hulk, Satana, Shocker Thunderbolts
Boomerang Icon 1Hercules Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Hyperion Icon 1Jessica Jones Icon 1Magneto Icon 1Medusa Icon 1Molly Hayes Icon 1Phoenix Icon 1Red Hulk Icon 1Sabretooth Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 1Spider-Gwen Icon 1Superior Spider-Man Icon 1Thing Icon 1Thundra Icon 1Volstagg Icon 1 Boomerang, Hercules, Hulk, Hyperion, Jessica Jones, Magneto, Medusa, Molly Hayes, Phoenix, Red Hulk, Sabretooth, She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Superior Spider-Man, Thing, Thundra, Volstagg Tossers

50 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
A-Bomb Icon 1 A-Bomb Abominable
Angela Icon 1 Angela Antihero
Ant-Man Icon 1 Ant-Man Newly Assembled
Anti-Venom Icon 1 Anti-Venom Antihero
Ares Icon 1 Ares Newly Assembled
Beta Ray Bill Icon 1 Beta Ray Bill Proud To Serve
Black Widow Icon 1 Black Widow Thunderbolts
Blizzard Icon 1 Blizzard Thunderbolts
Blue Marvel Icon 1 Blue Marvel Proud To Serve
Cammi Icon 1 Cammi Bombs Away
Cannonball Icon 1 Cannonball Hot Stuff
Captain America Icon 1 Captain America Proud To Serve
Crystal Icon 1 Crystal Hot Stuff
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1 Daimon Hellstrom Hot Stuff
Destroyer Icon 1 Destroyer Hot Stuff
Dr. Strange Icon 1 Dr. Strange Newly Assembled
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1 Elsa Bloodstone Hot Stuff
Falcon Icon 1 Falcon Proud To Serve
Gambit Icon 1 Gambit Bombs Away
Havok Icon 1 Havok Newly Assembled
Hawkeye Icon 1 Hawkeye Thunderbolts
Hercules Icon 1 Hercules Tossers
Howard the Duck Icon 1 Howard the Duck Hot Stuff
Human Torch Icon 1 Human Torch Hot Stuff
Hybrid Icon 1 Hybrid Antihero
Juggernaut Icon 1 Juggernaut Thunderbolts
Lizard Icon 1 Lizard Antihero
Magneto Icon 1 Magneto Tossers
Medusa Icon 1 Medusa Tossers
Molly Hayes Icon 1 Molly Hayes Tossers
Moon Knight Icon 1 Moon Knight Proud To Serve
Moonstone Icon 1 Moonstone Thunderbolts
Morbius Icon 1 Morbius Antihero
Ms. Marvel Icon 1 Ms. Marvel Proud To Serve
Rocket Raccoon Icon 1 Rocket Raccoon Proud To Serve
Rogue Icon 1 Rogue Newly Assembled
Sabretooth Icon 1 Sabretooth Tossers
Shocker Icon 1 Shocker Thunderbolts
Spider-Girl Icon 1 Spider-Girl Foul Play
Spider-Gwen Icon 1 Spider-Gwen Tossers
Spider-Man Icon 1 Spider-Man Newly Assembled
Spider-Man Noir Icon 1 Spider-Man Noir Antihero
Spider-Woman Icon 1 Spider-Woman Newly Assembled
Spitfire Icon 1 Spitfire Proud To Serve
Squirrel Girl Icon 1 Squirrel Girl Newly Assembled
Star-Lord Icon 1 Star-Lord Hot Stuff
Storm Icon 1 Storm Newly Assembled
Sunfire Icon 1 Sunfire Hot Stuff
Union Jack Icon 1 Union Jack Proud To Serve
Volstagg Icon 1 Volstagg Tossers
War Machine Icon 1 War Machine Proud To Serve

100 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Agent Venom Icon 1 Agent Venom Proud To Serve, Thunderbolts
Boomerang Icon 1 Boomerang Thunderbolts, Tossers
Domino Icon 1 Domino Bombs Away, Caught Red-Handed
Elektra Icon 1 Elektra Code Red, Thunderbolts
Fixer Icon 1 Fixer Bombs Away, Thunderbolts
Ghost Rider Icon 1 Ghost Rider Antihero, Hot Stuff
Hyperion Icon 1 Hyperion Antihero, Tossers
Iron Fist Icon 1 Iron Fist Newly Assembled, Thunderbolts
Jessica Jones Icon 1 Jessica Jones Newly Assembled, Tossers
Luke Cage Icon 1 Luke Cage Newly Assembled, Thunderbolts
Phoenix Icon 1 Phoenix Hot Stuff, Tossers
Satana Icon 1 Satana Hot Stuff, Thunderbolts
She-Hulk Icon 1 She-Hulk Gamma Gang, Tossers
Superior Spider-Man Icon 1 Superior Spider-Man Antihero, Tossers
Thing Icon 1 Thing Newly Assembled, Tossers
Thundra Icon 1 Thundra Code Red, Tossers
Wolverine Icon 1 Wolverine Antihero, Newly Assembled

150 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Deadpool Icon 1 Deadpool Antihero, Code Red, Thunderbolts
Deathlok Icon 1 Deathlok Bombs Away, Hot Stuff, Proud To Serve
Hulk Icon 1 Hulk Explosive Relation, Gamma Gang, Tossers
Red She-Hulk Icon 1 Red She-Hulk Code Red, Gamma Gang, Red Relation
Winter Soldier Icon 1 Winter Soldier Bombs Away, Newly Assembled, Proud To Serve

200 Point Team-Ups

Hero Icon Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Punisher Icon 1 Punisher Antihero, Bombs Away, Hot Stuff, Thunderbolts

250 Point Team-Ups


300 Point Team-Ups


350 Point Team-Ups


400 Point Team-Ups


450 Point Team-Ups


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