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Name Ability Type
Red Hulk Icon 1
Red Hulk-Gamma Bomb Gamma Bomb Ranged Explosion
Rocket Raccoon Icon 1
Rocket Raccoon-BLAM! BLAM! Ranged Gun Energy Explosion
Rocket Raccoon-MURDERED YOU! MURDERED YOU! Ranged Gun Energy
Rocket Raccoon-BLAM BLAM BLAM! BLAM BLAM BLAM! Ranged Gun Tech
Rocket Raccoon-KERPLOWIE! KERPLOWIE! Ranged Gun Tech Energy Explosion
Sabretooth Icon 1
Sabretooth-Tantrum Tantrum Ranged
Satana Icon 1
Satana-Fires of Hell Fires of Hell Ranged Fire Magic
Satana-Enthralled Guardian Enthralled Guardian: Dark Invocation Ranged Magic
Satana-Soul Kiss Soul Kiss Ranged Magic
Scarlet Witch Icon 1
Scarlet Witch-Hex Spheres Hex Spheres Magic Energy Ranged
Scarlet Witch-Arcane Blast Arcane Blast Magic Energy Ranged
She-Hulk Icon 1
She-Hulk-Motion Granite Motion Granite Ranged
Shocker Icon 1
Shocker-High Frequency High Frequency Sonic Ranged
Shocker-Low Frequency Low Frequency Sonic Ranged
Sif Icon 1
Sif-Flying Sword Flying Sword Slashing Ranged
Silk Icon 1
Silk-Spinning Silk Spinning Silk Ranged
Spider-Girl Icon 1
Spider-Girl-Web Crazy Web Crazy Ranged
Spider-Girl-One Shot One Shot Ranged
Spider-Gwen Icon 1
Spider-Gwen-Backbeat Rimshots Backbeat Rimshots Ranged
Spider-Gwen-Hard Rock Hard Rock Ranged
Spider-Man Icon 1
Spider-Man-Web Shot Web Shot Ranged
Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1
Spider-Man 2099-Future Webbing Future Webbing Ranged
Spider-Man Noir Icon 1
Spider-Man Noir-Gum Up the Works Gum Up the Works Ranged
Spider-Man Noir-Packing Heat Packing Heat Ranged Gun
Spider-Man Noir-Busting Heads Busting Heads Ranged Melee Gun Unarmed
Spider-Woman Icon 1
Spider-Woman-Venom Blast Venom Blast Ranged
Spider-Woman Icon 2
Spider-Woman-Venom Blast Road to Ruin Magic Ranged
Spiral Icon 1
Spiral-Flashbolt Flashbolt Ranged Magic
Spiral-Macabre Fandango Macabre Fandango Ranged Magic Buff Debuff
Spiral-Dance Magic Dance Dance Magic Dance Ranged Magic
Spiral-Fouetté en Tournant Fouetté en Tournant Ranged Magic
Spiral-Time Spiral Time Spiral Ranged Magic
Star-Lord Icon 1
Star-Lord-Spray and Pray Spray and Pray Ranged Gun
Star-Lord-Trick Shot Trick Shot Ranged Gun
Star-Lord-Quantum Leap Quantum Leap Ranged Melee Gun
Star-Lord-Hot Shot Hot Shot Ranged Fire
Star-Lord-Cold Snap Cold Snap Ranged Ice
Star-Lord-Lit Up Lit Up Ranged Electric
Storm Icon 1
Storm-Lightning Lightning Electric Energy Ranged
Storm-Blizzard Blizzard Ice Ranged
Storm-Tornado Tornado Ranged
Superior Spider-Man Icon 1
Superior Spider-Man-Superior Webbing Superior Webbing Ranged
Superior Spider-Man-Superior Armaments Superior Armaments Ranged
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Trick Shot Trick Shot Ranged
Taskmaster-Turn the Tables Turn the Tables Ranged
Taskmaster-Nightmare Sword Nightmare Sword Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Sapping Shot Sapping Shot Ranged
Taskmaster-Parting Gift Parting Gift Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster-Turn the Tables Turn the Tables Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Cover Fire Cover Fire Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Head Shot Head Shot Ranged
Taskmaster-Ricochet Shield Ricochet Shield Ranged
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Flying Steel Flying Steel Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Trick Shot Trick Shot Ranged
Taskmaster-Disarming Strike Disarming Strike Ranged
Thane Icon 1
Thane-Life and Death Life and Death Ranged Energy
Thing Icon 1
Thing-Gizmo Sandwich Gizmo Sandwich Ranged
Thor Icon 1
Thor-Hammer Throw Hammer Throw Ranged
Thor-Summon Thunder Summon Thunder Ranged Electric Energy
Thundra Icon 1
Thundra-Cyclone Smash Cyclone Smash Ranged
Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1
Ultimate Spider-Man-Ultimate Webbing Ultimate Webbing Ranged
Ultimate Spider-Man-Web Bomb Web Bomb Ranged Energy
Union Jack Icon 1
Union Jack-Service Revolver Service Revolver Ranged Gun
Victor Mancha Icon 1
Victor Mancha-Dragon Claw Dragon Claw Ranged Electric Energy Tech
Victor Mancha-Magnet Man Magnet Man Ranged Electric Energy Tech
Vision Icon 1
Vision-Optic Beams Optic Beams Ranged Energy Tech
Vision-Microwave Pulse Microwave Pulse Ranged Energy Tech
Vision-Solar Jewel Solar Jewel Ranged Energy Tech
Volstagg Icon 1
Volstagg-Axe-arang Axe-arang Slashing Ranged
War Machine Icon 1
War Machine-Repulsor Ray Repulsor Ray Ranged Energy Tech
War Machine-Minigun Barrage Minigun Barrage Ranged Gun Tech
War Machine Icon 2
War Machine-Repulsor Beam Repulsor Beam Ranged Energy Tech
War Machine-21-Gun Salute 21-Gun Salute Energy Ranged Tech
Wasp Icon 1
Wasp-Bioenergy Blast Bioenergy Blast Ranged
Wasp-Disrupting Shot Disrupting Shot Ranged
Wasp-Skirmish Scramble Skirmish Scramble Ranged
Winter Soldier Icon 1
Winter Soldier-Aimed Shot Aimed Shot Ranged Gun

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