Icon Name Type
Gamma Radiation Emitter Gamma Radiation Emitter Ranged Tech Energy
Gaseous Glider Gaseous Glider Ranged Summon
GG Prototype GG Prototype Ranged Gun
Gilded Semi-Auto Gun Gilded Semi-Auto Gun Ranged Gun
Goblin Glider Goblin Glider Ranged Slashing
Golden A.R. "Spectre" Golden A.R. "Spectre" Gun Ranged
Golden Batstone 2.357 Minigun Golden Batstone 2.357 Minigun Gun Ranged
Golden El Diablo Golden El Diablo Gun Ranged
Golden Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle Golden Enfield SA80 Assault Rifle Gun Ranged
Golden Needle Gun Golden Needle Gun Gun Ranged
Golden P.E.W. "Raze" Golden P.E.W. "Raze" Energy Ranged Tech
Golden Phosphorus Pang Golden Phosphorus Pang Explosion Ranged Fire Gun
Golden Screaming Eagle Golden Screaming Eagle Gun Ranged
Golden T.Q. 5000 Golden T.Q. 5000 Gun Ranged Tech
Grace Note Grace Note Ranged
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Ranged
Grenade Revolver Grenade Revolver Explosion Ranged Gun
Hallowed Flame Thrower Hallowed Flame Thrower Ranged
Handheld Hohlraum Handheld Hohlraum Explosion Ranged Energy
Heavy Ion Beam Heavy Ion Beam Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Hexenjaeger Hexenjaeger Ranged Gun
Hex Wand Hex Wand Magic Energy Ranged
High Capacity Incinerator Unit High Capacity Incinerator Unit Ranged Fire Energy Gun
Hotshot Hotshot Ranged Gun Fire
Incinerator Unit Incinerator Unit Ranged Fire Energy Gun
Inferior Webber Inferior Webber Ranged
Inhibitor Dart Gun Inhibitor Dart Gun Ranged Gun
Insert Coin Insert Coin Ranged Tech
Ionic Cannon Ionic Cannon Ranged Tech Energy
Ionic Blaster Ionic Blaster Ranged Tech Energy
Iso Loaded Scattergun Iso Loaded Scattergun Ranged Gun
Item 47 Item 47 Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Lasercutter Lasercutter Ranged Energy Tech
Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Gun Ranged
Li'l Boomer Li'l Boomer Ranged Energy Electric Explosion
M1911 Patriot M1911 Patriot Gun Ranged
M616 Combat Shotgun M616 Combat Shotgun Gun Ranged
Maggia "Triggerman" Maggia "Triggerman" Ranged Gun
Magnetic Pulse Cannon Magnetic Pulse Cannon Ranged Energy Electric
Masterkey Masterkey Ranged Gun Energy Tech
Memento Mori Memento Mori Ranged Magic
Grenade Revolver Miasma Cannon Ranged Bio
Mindbreaker Mindbreaker Ranged Gun
Mindkiller Mindkiller Ranged Gun Energy
Mine Launcher Mine Launcher Gun Ranged
Mk VI Revolver Mk VI Revolver Ranged Gun
Pyro Technique Modded B&F "Highroad" Gun Ranged
Mordant Laser Rifle Mordant Laser Rifle Gun Ranged Energy Tech
Multishot Injector Multishot Injector Ranged Tech Bio
Multishot SMG Multishot SMG Ranged Gun
Mutant's End Mutant's End Ranged Energy Tech
Mystic Mystic Ranged Magic

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