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Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 085
Passive Attack Buff
 Chance to use a random item before an attack
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Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 177
This Effect is a part of:
Hero-Only Effects
Passive Attack Buff
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 085
 Chance to use a random item before an attack


Name Ability
Constrictor Icon 1

Items that can be used

5.42% Panacea Injection 5.42% Shawarma 5.42% Web Grenade
5.42% Strike Patch V 5.42% Focus Patch V 5.42% Deflection Patch V
5.42% Evasion Patch V 2.71% Double Strike 2.71% Counter Strike
2.71% Tactical Strike 2.71% Penetrating Strike 2.71% Revenge Strike
2.71% Mystical Munition 2.71% Lost Page of the Vishanti 1.35% Christmas Cookies
1.35% Thor Valentine 1.35% Team Restore III 1.35% Chrono Boost
1.35% The Crippler 1.35% Quantum Elixir


  • Quartermaster will not use up any items on the player's Items Inventory.
  • The total of all percentage chance on using the specific Items is at 65%. The remaining 35% may mean that Quartermaster will not use any Item at all. This means that Quartermaster has a 65% chance to proc.

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