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  • Psylocke was confirmed at New York Comic-Con on October 13, 2012.
  • Psylocke was introduced on December 13, 2012 as the Adamantium League reward for the 3rd season PVP Tournament. She became available for general recruitment on February 6, 2013.
  • Her Uncanny X-Force large icon shows a different design for this costume, while in full artwork and battle sprite she wears only a recolored version of her Modern costume.


  • Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 124
     Psychic Scanning
    does not activate when the attacker is immune to psychic attacks, even when Psylocke is attacked by a psychic attack.
  • Psychic Scanning's preemptive attack is called Psi-Bolts. It deals Psychic Ranged damage.
  • Default counter/follow-up attack doesn't show up attack name.


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