• Protect type is (currently) not visible on the tooltip, but it can be found by trying to add any of the Protect-action only A-Iso's.


Name Ability Type
Black Knight Icon 1
Black Knight-Atonement Atonement Buff
Captain America Icon 1
Captain America-Shield Guard Shield Guard Buff
Colossus Icon 1
Colossus-Steel Curtain Steel Curtain Buff
Destroyer Icon 1
Destroyer-Enchanted Armor Enchanted Armor Buff
Hercules Icon 1
Hercules-Gift of Battle Gift of Battle Buff
Ka-Zar Icon 1
Ka-Zar-Primal Roar Primal Roar Buff
Luke Cage Icon 1
Luke Cage-Bodyguard Bodyguard Buff
Molly Hayes Icon 1
Molly Hayes-Raspberry Raspberry Buff
Omega Sentinel Icon 1
Omega Sentinel-Defense Array Defense Array Buff Tech
Phoenix Icon 1
Phoenix-Mind Link Mind Link Buff
Red Hulk Icon 1
Red Hulk-Bulwark Bulwark Buff
Rescue Icon 1
Rescue-Protector Protocol Protector Protocol Buff
Thing Icon 1
Thing-Stone Wall Stone Wall Buff
Volstagg Icon 1
Volstagg-Guard the Rear Guard the Rear Buff

Augmented Iso-8Edit

May 10, 2016 Patch NotesEdit

  • The following abilities are now correctly tagged as Protect Actions
    • Ka-Zar's Primal Roar
    • Molly Hayes's Raspberry
    • Destroyer's Enchanted Armor
    • Omega Sentinel's Defense Array

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