Prologue is a first one-time visit mission where has beginner tutorials.

Training Room Edit

Sentinel Alpha MK IV Icon Salvaged Sentinel Generalisticon
Passive: None

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. Edit

Unlock Requirements:

Location: Times Square
Team-Up: Captain America

Team-Up: Black Widow
Low: x0
Medium: x0
High: x1

Low Threat Map Icon Low Threats: NONE
(1 point each)
Medium Threat Map Icon Medium Threats: NONE
(2 points each)
High Threat Map Icon High Threats: NONE
(3 points each)
Researcher Icon Researcher Generalisticon
Passive: None
Researcher Icon Researcher Generalisticon
Passive: None

Minimum Cleared: 1
Team-Up: Captain America
Boss Drop: Spirit-76

Power Armor Icon Power Armor Generalisticon
Passive: None

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