Premium Missions are the 6th mission of each chapter.

Completing premium missions can be very rewarding, with the chance to gain Premium Gear and Challenge Mode Gear exclusive to each mission. All premium missions have their difficulty scale to the Agent's level.

In order to be able to undertake a premium mission, you must have recruited the hero associated with that mission.

Season 1Edit

Chapter 1 - The Pulse: Premium Mission: Extra Large Edit

Hulk Dialogue 3

Avengers Hulk

"Hulk Smash!!!"

Unlock Requirements: Hulk

Mini-Bosses: Ironclad, Power Armor

Boss: Abomination

Premium Gear: Gamma Booster, Gamma Gadget

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom B&F "Highroad" , Gamma Gadget

Chapter 2 - The Iso Effect: Premium Mission: Ulterior Motive Edit

Iron Man Dialogue 3

Avengers Iron Man

Unlock Requirements: Iron Man

Mini-Bosses: Sentinel Alpha MK IV, Nimrod Series MK IV

Boss: Crimson Dynamo

Premium Gear: EMP Blaster, Uni-Pulse

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom Eagle's Eye

Chapter 3 - Enter Doom: Premium Mission: Cephalocarrier Edit

Spider-Man Dialogue 1


Unlock Requirements: Spider-Man

Mini-Bosses: Madame Masque, Hammerhead

Boss: Doctor Octopus

Premium Gear: Web Blaster, Galvanic Arm

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom Energy Fist

Chapter 4 - You, Foe: Premium Mission: Tooth and Claw Edit

Wolverine Dialogue 1


Unlock Requirements: Wolverine

Mini-Bosses: Toad, Blob

Boss: Sabretooth

Premium Gear: "Snikt", Sabretooth's Claws

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom P.E.W. "Dragon"

Chapter 5 - Gods & Monsters: Premium Mission: Hydra Assemble! Edit

War Machine Dialogue 1

War Machine

Unlock Requirements: War Machine

Mini-Bosses: Bowman, Hammer

Bosses: Militant, Tactical Force

Premium Gear: Super Blade Punch, Power of Four

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom Battery Powered Hand Cannon

Chapter 6 - Uprising: Premium Mission: Jailhouse Rock Edit

Phoenix Dialogue 3


Unlock Requirements: Phoenix

Mini-Bosses: Avalanche, Constrictor

Boss: Juggernaut

Premium Gear: Psychic Punch, Momentum Generator

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom P.E.W. "Zealous"

Chapter 7 - MIA: Premium Mission: A Whole New U Edit

Human Torch Dialogue 2

Future Foundation Annihilus Human Torch

Unlock Requirements: Human Torch

Mini-Bosses: Vapor, Ironclad

Bosses: X-Ray, Vector

Premium Gear: Handheld Hohlraum, Cosmic Ray Bomb

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom P.E.W. "Eradicator"

Chapter 8 - Dark Rites: Premium Mission: Bring the Thunder Edit

Thor Dialogue 3


Unlock Requirements: Thor

Mini-Bosses: Enchantress, Executioner

Boss: Destroyer

Premium Gear: Mechanical Mjolnir, Destroyer Power Relic

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator" , Destroyer Power Relic

Chapter 9 - The Syndicate: Premium Mission: Darkness Rising Edit

Dr. Strange Dialogue 2

Modern Dr. Strange

Unlock Requirements: Dr. Strange

Mini-Bosses: Mindless One

Boss: Dormammu

Premium Gear: Ring of Balthak, Dark Sigil

Challenge Mode Gear: P.E.W. "Quell II"

Chapter 10 - Chaos Circle: Premium Mission: Der Rote Schadel Lebt Noch Edit

Luke Cage Dialogue 1

Luke Cage

Unlock Requirements: Luke Cage

Mini-Bosses: Wrecking Crew

Boss: Elektra

Premium Gear: Face Punch and Heavy Sai

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom Chain Blade

Chapter 11 - Mutant Mayhem: Premium Mission: Breaking the Syndicate Edit

Captain America Dialogue 1

Captain America

Unlock Requirements: Captain America

Mini-Bosses: Viper and Baron Zemo

Boss: Red Skull

Premium Gear: Holographic Shields and Tesseract Simulation Device

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom Neural Wave Disruptor and Tesseract Simulation Device

Chapter 12 - Titanomachia: Premium Mission: Doom's Day Edit

Mr. Fantastic Dialogue 1

Mr. Fantastic

Unlock Requirements: Mr. Fantastic

Boss and Mini-Boss: Dr. Doom

Premium Gear: Bifurcator and Chronolift

Challenge Mode Gear: Custom P.E.W. "Stoic"

Season 2Edit

Chapter 1 - Excalibur: Premium Mission: To Catch a Thief Edit

Gambit Dialogue 1


Unlock Requirements: Gambit

Mini-Bosses: Nitro and Grey Gargoyle

Boss: Fixer

Epic Boss: M.O.D.O.K.

Premium Gear: Vickers Machine Gun and Bel Nemeton

Challenge Mode Gear:Restored Vickers Machine Gun and Glas Tann

Chapter 2 - Crazy Eights: Premium Mission: Rock Candy Edit

Scarlet Witch Dialogue 1

Scarlet Witch

Unlock Requirements: Scarlet Witch

Mini-Bosses: Toad and Avalanche

Boss: Living Monolith

Epic Boss: Sugar Man

Premium Gear: Multishot SMG and Revolt 4

Challenge Mode Gear: Chaoshot SMG and Revolt 5

Chapter 3 - Crisis of Leadership: Premium Mission: Punishment Edit

Punisher Dialogue 1


Unlock Requirements: Punisher

Mini-Bosses: Madame Masque and Jack O'Lantern

Boss: Hammerhead

Epic Boss: Sin

Premium Gear: Combat Knife and Grenade Launcher

Challenge Mode Gear: ? and ?

Chapter 4 - Globetrotting: Premium Mission: On the Prowl Edit

Black Panther Dialogue 1

Black Panther

Unlock Requirements: Black Panther

Mini-Bosses: Grim Reaper and Viper

Boss: Man-Ape

Epic Boss: Venom

Premium Gear: Subsonic Sound Gun and Incinerator Unit

Challenge Mode Gear: Amplified Subsonic Sound Gun and High Capacity Incinerator Unit

Chapter 5 - Spot Treatment: Premium Mission: Deific Inadequacy Edit

Hercules Dialogue 1


Unlock Requirements: Hercules

Mini-Bosses: Bowman and Tactical Force

Boss: Militant and Hammer

Epic Boss: Man-Ape

Premium Gear: Gauntlets of Orthrus and Wakandan Rungu

Challenge Mode Gear: Vibranium Gauntlets of Orthrus and Hardened Wakandan Rungu

Chapter 6 - When Opportunity Knocks: Premium Mission: Fourth Wall Edit

Deadpool Dialogue 1


Unlock Requirements: Deadpool

Mini-Bosses: Boomerang and Madame Masque

Boss: Lizard

Epic Boss: Savin

Premium Gear: Subtle Gun and Laprov

Challenge Mode Gear: Flashy Gun and Laprov!

Chapter 7 - Crest of the Wave: Premium Mission: Explosive Events Edit

Wonder Man Dialogue 1

Wonder Man

Unlock Requirements: Wonder Man

Mini-Boss: Absorbing Man

Boss: Grim Reaper

Epic Boss: Skadi

Premium Gear: Ion The Ball and Brannhammer

Challenge Mode Gear: Ion The Prize and Brannblodhammer

Chapter 8 - Trial By Fire: Premium Mission: Savage Science Edit

Domino Dialogue 1


Unlock Requirements: Domino

Mini-Bosses: Sugar Man and Sauron

Boss: Mr. Sinister

Epic Boss: High Evolutionary

Premium Gear: "Lucky Shot" and Gene Extractor

Challenge Mode Gear: Mental Manipulator and D1S-i5-5P4R7A

Chapter 9 - Signs of the End: Premium Mission: Worlds Domination Edit

Black Panther Dialogue 1

Black Panther

Unlock Requirements: Black Panther

Mini-Bosses: Militant and Hammer

Boss: Viper

Premium Gear: Repurposed Machine Pistol

Challenge Mode Gear: Restored Machine Pistol

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