Premium Gear can refer to two different sort of gear. One are obtained by buying them from the Store using Gold.
The other can be obtained through the Boss Roulette in Premium Missions, which are unlocked by buying the associated hero for Command Points.

Store Gear Edit

Gear Cost Gear Cost
.50 Anti-Materiel Rifle .50 Anti-Materiel Rifle30 Gold icon Anklebiter Anklebiter32 Gold icon
P.E.W. "Anchor"Annihilator40 Gold icon Booster-Sledge Prototype Booster-Sledge Prototype14 Gold icon
Cat's Claw Cat's Claw36 Gold icon Cauterizer Cauterizer36 Gold icon
Construct Matrix Construct Matrix26 Gold icon Chrono Overdrive Chrono Overdrive20 Gold icon
Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker28 Gold icon Crescent Flayer Crescent Flayer36 Gold icon
Crystal Shiv Crystal Shiv36 Gold icon P.E.W. "Stoic"Deep-Field Cannon20 Gold icon
El Diablo El Diablo12 Gold icon Enchanted Crowbar Enchanted Crowbar52 Gold icon
The Experiment The Experiment30 Gold icon Feral Claw Feral Claw12 Gold icon
The Finisher The Finisher22 Gold icon Heroic Call Heroic Call39 Gold icon
Hex Wand Hex Wand64 Gold icon Curative ReachInfinite Injection12 Gold icon
Inhibitor Dart Gun Inhibitor Dart Gun52 Gold icon Ironstar Ironstar32 Gold icon
Iso Loaded Scattergun Iso Loaded Scattergun15 Gold icon Lightning Rod Lightning Rod64 Gold icon
Mindkiller Mindkiller15 Gold icon Mutant's End Mutant's End20 Gold icon
Early Warning DetectorPsyche Blaster16 Gold icon Quantum Jumper Quantum Jumper36 Gold icon
S.A. "Pincer"Quickdraw 4052 Gold icon Rosado-15 Rosado-1518 Gold icon
SI PDW11 SI PDW1124 Gold icon Skullripper Skullripper10 Gold icon
Sonic Fist Sonic Fist25 Gold icon Target Pistol Target Pistol36 Gold icon
Taste of Thunder Taste of Thunder36 Gold icon Time Touch Time Touch28 Gold icon
The Toolbox The Toolbox26 Gold icon Transcranial Stimulator Transcranial Stimulator32 Gold icon
Traumatic Post Traumatic Post52 Gold icon

Premium Missions Edit

Season 1 Edit

Chptr Req Hero Normal Mode Gear Challenge Mode Gear
1.6 Hulk Icon 1 Gamma Gadget Gamma Gadget Gamma Booster Gamma Booster Custom B&F "Highroad" Custom B&F "Highroad"
2.6 Iron Man Icon 1 EMP Blaster EMP Blaster Uni-Pulse Uni-Pulse Custom Eagle's Eye Custom Eagle's Eye
3.6 Spider-Man Icon 1 Web Blaster Web Blaster Galvanic Arm Galvanic Arm Custom Energy Fist Custom Energy Fist
4.6 Wolverine Icon 1 "Snikt" "Snikt" Sabretooth's Claws Sabretooth's Claws Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator"Custom P.E.W. "Dragon"
5.6 War Machine Icon 1 CauterizerSuper Blade Punch Power of Four Power of Four Custom P.E.W. "Zealous"Custom Battery Powered Hand Cannon
6.6 Phoenix Icon 1 Psychic Punch Psychic Punch Momentum Generator Momentum Generator Custom P.E.W. "Zealous" Custom P.E.W. "Zealous"
7.6 Human Torch Icon 1 Handheld Hohlraum Handheld Hohlraum Cosmic Ray Bomb Cosmic Ray Bomb Custom P.E.W. "Eradicator" Custom P.E.W. "Eradicator"
8.6 Thor Icon 1 Mechanical Mjolnir Mechanical Mjolnir Destroyer Power Relic Destroyer Power Relic Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator" Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator"
9.6 Dr. Strange Icon 1 Dark Sigil Dark Sigil Ring of Balthak Ring of Balthak P.E.W. "Quell II" P.E.W. "Quell II"
10.6 Luke Cage Icon 1 Face Punch Face Punch Heavy Sai Heavy Sai Custom Chain Blade Custom Chain Blade
11.6 Captain America Icon 1 Holographic Shields Holographic Shields Tesseract Simulation Device Tesseract Simulation Device P.E.W. "Quell II"Custom Neural Wave Disruptor
12.6 Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Bifurcator Bifurcator Chronolift Chronolift Custom P.E.W. "Stoic" Custom P.E.W. "Stoic"

Season 2 Edit

Chptr Req Hero Normal Mode Gear Challenge Mode Gear
1.6 Gambit Icon 1 Vickers Machine Gun Vickers Machine Gun Restored Vickers Machine Gun Restored Vickers Machine Gun
2.6 Scarlet Witch Icon 1 Multishot SMG Multishot SMG Chaoshot SMG Chaoshot SMG
3.6 Punisher Icon 1 Combat Knife Combat Knife Cycling Hand Mortar Cycling Hand Mortar
4.6 Black Panther Icon 1 Subsonic Sound Gun Subsonic Sound Gun Amplified Subsonic Sound Gun Amplified Subsonic Sound Gun
5.6 Hercules Icon 1 Gauntlets of Orthrus Gauntlets of Orthrus Vibranium Gauntlets of Orthrus Vibranium Gauntlets of Orthrus
6.6 Deadpool Icon 1 Subtle Gun Subtle Gun Flashy Gun Flashy Gun
7.6 Wonder Man Icon 1 Ion The Ball Ion The Ball Ion The Prize Ion The Prize
8.6 Domino Icon 1 Lucky Shot"Lucky Shot" Mental Manipulator Mental Manipulator
9.6 Black Panther Icon 1 Repurposed Machine Pistol Repurposed Machine Pistol Restored Machine Pistol Restored Machine Pistol
10.6 Deathlok Icon 1 Maximus Perplexing Device Maximus Perplexing Device Maximus Mind Control Device Maximus Mind Control Device

See Also Edit

Store Icon
Due to the stats having a difference between players depending on their Agent's Level and Equipment,
Gear stats in the Wiki are now based on a Level 300 Agent equipped with a Generalist's Kevlar Jumpsuit without any Iso-8 slotted on the Uniform and no other items that affect the stats.

Editors must refrain from changing the stats if this is not their Agent setup.

For Customized Gear in addition to the requirements above, editors must have their Customized Gear's Power Level at 300 or greater via Reforging or obtaining the Gear at the required Level. It is recommended to use obtaining gear.

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